Thursday, November 16, 2006

Trying to think things out

I'm planning to leave school soon, but I just wanted to get some things off my chest.

With spring semester coming up, and my plans changing to involve getting my A.A. in University Studies at that time (because I lost my job and may need to work full time), I have to think about classes to take toward my major, since after this semester I won't have any IGETC or Cal State G.E. requirements left. That is a big deal, because I would most likely be taking classes toward a major at a certain school, and I have to decide what school that will be.

I am pretty certain I will go to a Cal State if I go to a university -- I've been preparing for that anyway. The only Cal State schools in the county are Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) and San Diego State University. Though CSUSM is closer to where I live, and the campus is lovely-looking, I don't really want to go there, for whatever reason. Maybe cause that's what my mom wants, and I'm not fully in agreement with that. I just recently started considering San Diego State, since it's considered part of the Cal State system. I can still commute there from home via public transit if I had to, but it's not too close for comfort.

I am considering History for a major, once again. For CSUSM's History B.A., I have most if not all of the requirements. The requirements are: 12 units of history in 2 different areas (which I can have in Western Civ and History of the Americas if I take the other Western Civ class), two classes in lit, religion, poli sci, econ, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, the arts, or a single discplinary field (I had to take 3 arts courses for the IGETC anyway, so that should count - I can ask), 3 units in a "separate and distinct area" (I've taken so many electives that I'm sure I have this covered), and English 100 (which I had to take for the IGETC anyway).

For SDSU's history B.A., I have met most of the requirements too. I have gotten 2 classes from the history classes you have to take 2 of (History of the Americas and Western Civ). I'd just have to take both sections of World History. I also have met the language requirement.

As for other Cal States, I'm only missing three classes toward the history major at CSU Long Beach, & 4 classes toward the history major at CSU San Bernadino -- the two closest campuses I could find info about.

I'm going to try to figure that out, possibly this weekend, although I do have a big anthro essay to write. Plus job-hunting since I still don't have a job and my final speech to do. *sigh*

At least Thanksgiving is coming up -- the holiday will give me time to think.

I'm gonna go so I can look for pics for my final speech boards before leaving school. If I can get my boards done today, it's one less thing.