Monday, October 31, 2005

Sorry for not posting

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. There wasn't really anything to post.

Today is Halloween. I expect I'll have door duty for tonight again...oh wait I work tonight. Nice.

Last Friday was my 21st birthday!! I am really, really happy. I haven't got all my presents yet (I think we're waiting for Andrew to get his, and he has to wait till payday) but I did get one really big present: a laptop!!!!!! I am typing this on it, as a matter of fact, cause it's set up for the internet. Nice...

I have cupcakes and two cakes now --- one from Growth Group and one from work. Also Mum and Papa bought me a small cheesecake. Fun.

Yesterday we went to the Santa Monica Pier all together (we got the idea of doing that from a Travel Channel program I was watching a little while ago about a hotel near there). We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Mariasol. There was a street juggler out on the deck of the pier near our outside table, and so we watched him a little bit while eating.

After eating, we went to the arcade for a while. On the way, I bought a little dolphin figurine, a glass bottle with sand and shells in it, and three postcards at a gift shop. I had also bought a floppy hat earlier that says "Santa Monica California" on it.

At the arcade, I played Knock Down (that game where you shoot balls at these clown heads), another game where you try to knock the teeth of these clowns down, Cruisin' USA, and an arcade version of Soul Calibur II (at which I actually did really well, oddly enough). I also got one of those cool photo booth pics with the color frames, and Mum and I squeezed into another booth for a strip of pictures. Then we all played Skee Ball. After that, everyone gave me their tickets (since it was my birthday weekend) and I traded them in for a bracelet and a back scratcher.

Then we actually went on some of the rides. We all went on the ferris wheel (and tried to take pictures from the top) and the roller coaster (which looked like a kiddie roller coaster but was actually a teensy bit scary) and then Andrew and I went on the bumper cars. As we left, we went by the carousel cause I really wanted to ride it. I bought two postcards and a magnet at the Carousel Gift Shop and then went on the carousel. Then we left.

Last night my mom trimmed my hair (cause people at my work were bugging me about it) and then proceeded to pluck my eyebrows, which I did not like. Finally I agreed to waxing cause it's one big pain and then it's over. So my mom did that instead and things went faster. When I looked in the mirror, I was quite shocked. Apparently I had so much ends to cut off, I now have "collarbone-length" hair. And I HATE SHORT HAIR!!! I have always liked having long hair, because you're not as likely to be mistaken as a boy. Ok, I know that's stupid to think, cause I am 21 and have obviously learned what psychologists call gender constancy (the knowledge that people retain their genders despite changes in appearance). But still...

Pity I don't have a long robe and plain long dress and crown...with that and curling my hair, I could dress up as Lucy from Narnia for Halloween...except I'm too tall.

I guess I could curl my hair...

In other news, I am trying to take iniative with my life. I renewed my driver's permit and made an appointment for career counseling so I can explore some careers in hopes of helping my major decision.

Also Dannie (my boss) and I had a long talk on Saturday. She said I need to improve my social skills cause she has been getting complaints about me. I am really scared cause I don't want to be fired. Mum thinks I should go to counseling, but I am afraid of that too cause last time I went to a counselor it didn't work out very well. It wasn't really about me as much as it was about repairing the relationship between my mom and me.

Well that's it. Bye.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The tales are over, and yet beginning again

I beat Tales of Symphonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After maxing it out at 104+ hours over several months, I finally beat it. And with the benefit of replay with bonuses, I can play a new game and carry things over from the old game. Cool.