Wednesday, April 27, 2005


No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite American Idol contestant, Constantine Maroulis, was voted off tonight. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I am soooooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

No more Anwar, and mounting work

Sadly, Anwar Robinson was voted off American Idol this week. It's too bad cause I like him. My mom wants Scott Savol to be voted off. Apparently it was recently discovered that he beat his girlfriend and was subsequently arrested. Plus he seems awfully full of himself on the show. I have liked some of his song choices (like "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha for musicals night) but I do agree he deserved to be voted off more than Anwar.

So the top 6 are set for next week: Scott Savol, Anthony Federov, Bo Bice, and Constantine Maroulis for the guys, and Carrie Underwood and Vonzell Solomon for the girls.

I am rooting for Constantine and Carrie personally, although I like Vonzell too.

On The Amazing Race, it's now down to the top 4, which means it's nearing the end (in the final leg there will be 3 teams remaining). Rob and Amber (the engaged former Survivor contestants--Amber won Survivor: All-Stars and Rob was runner-up) are still in it, mostly cause Rob bribes locals or talks them into helping them all the time. Ron and Kelly (the Iraqi War POW and the pageant queen) have allied with them, and Ron, ever convinced that they're always behind, even when they're ahead with Rob and Amber, has been a royal jerk.

The other camp has also been made because of alliances. It's been an alliance between Meredith and Gretchen (the elderly couple; Meredith's the husband, btw), Lynn and Alex (the homosexual couple), and Uchenna and Joyce (the married black couple). For example, in episode 7, the teams had to take a charter from a remote Botswana airport to the larger Francistown, Botswana airport. From there, they had tickets already booked for a flight from Francistown to Mumbai, India. But they had to arrange their own flight from Mumbai to their final destination, Lucknow. While Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly went their own way, Lynn and Alex borrowed a local's cell phone and booked tickets from Mumbai to Lucknow for themselves and their allies. When Lynn went inside the airport and told Meredith he had bought tickets for them, Meredith was surprised and asked, "Why are you doing this for us?" After all, as host Phil Keoghan told the couple when they finished in fourth place in this week's episode (knocking Lynn and Alex down to last place and elimination), they were the oldest couple ever to make it this far in The Amazing Race's history, which would give the other teams every reason to dislike them and try to put them behind. Lynn simply said, "Because we want you guys in the finals with us."

Of course now Lynn and Alex aren't in the finals, and their allies are, but heck, go Lynn and Alex. I don't agree with their lifestyle, but they're way nicer than many of the other teams that have been on this season. They risked elimination in an earlier leg to stop and help Brian and Greg when the brothers' Jeep overturned in the middle of the African brush. They bought tickets for Meredith and Gretchen and Uchenna and Joyce, as described above. They're nice guys, plain and simple. They have never gotten overly competitive, settling for low finishes.

As for me, work is mounting up as project work continues.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Lots of stuff to do...

I have SOOO much to do. I have to read the chapter on India for music so I can post for this week. I have to finish cleaning my room. Today I'm going to the second day of the Oceanside Days of Art to start my final project, also for music, which is going to focus on the Ballet Folklorico from Rancho (the local high school). That is, if I can get the tape recorder I just bought to do interviews with to work...I may have to return that...arrgh. I also have to look through the stuff I have on film processing and the other photography science stuff I have for my physical science final project.

My work had an anniversary sale this weekend. It was my first weekend there, and a sale. Wow. I felt worse for Brittany, who's also new. She went on her school's senior cruise Friday night and didn't get to bed till around 4:30 a.m., then had to get up and work all day Saturday.

I'm so sleepy...I need caffeine. It'll be a while but oh well. Later. *yawn*

Sunday, April 10, 2005


The site for my blog has been going bonkers so I haven't been able to post, though I've tried.

Not much going on. I got to do my laundry today. Like seriously.

Can't think of anything else to say. I'm going to finish getting ready to go to church (I can walk to my church's off-site venue at Madison Middle School, which is good cause my parents are gone) and maybe get some breakfast on the way.

More later.