Thursday, March 31, 2005

Kung fu fighting

Everybody was kung fu fighting...uhh...those boys were fast as fact it was a little bit frightening...uhh...those boys had expert timing...uhh. Ohhhhhh...

Sorry...retro song moment.

I finally figured out what the heck I was supposed to do to play Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for my GBA. Well, ok, I consulted a walkthrough (which I got online somewhere) while I was playing but mostly I figured it out. You know a game's hard when you need a walkthrough all along the way. Bond games tend to be like this. Well, on some of the harder missions anyway. My Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets game is like that too. I've had to use a walkthrough all along the way, even to do the bean challenges, which really should be easy but they're not. Well, 1, 3, and 4 are easy, but 2 is hard, cause the beans are on crumbling blocks which you can't stand on for very long. And Harry's not a good jumper necessarily.

The main premise for level 1 of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is to beat the crud out of anybody you see. Basically anybody can be taken out in one hit except for the clubbers. You might get the crud beaten out of you in the process (if you're not careful) and maybe die once or twice (at which point you start the level over again) but you can do it. Just make sure you know how to jump (A) and that B is the primary action button instead of A. (On most console games and even most other GBA games, A is the main action button, not B).

Also note this: when you complete level 1, a still with Jen on it will appear. At the bottom is a box containing this: 8ND4. WRITE THIS DOWN!! This is a password, and in order to continue the game you started, you will need to enter it when prompted.

Ok, more later. Misty out.

I can't think of a title...

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...I meant to, but I had trouble with the Blogger site.

Jessica Sierra got voted off American Idol. Yay!!!! My mom just told me this (I was really tired last night, so I didn't stay up to watch it).

I did watch some tennis last night -- the quarterfinals of the Nasdaq-100 Open. First match that I watched was the Belgian Kim Clijsters versus the top seeded Russian player Elena Dementieva. Clijsters won that match, 6-2, 6-1. She plays #1 seed French player Amelie Mauresmo today (and the French are used to hard court tennis...the French Open is the only Grand Slam tournament that is hard court). Also still in it and playing today: Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova. That should be an interesting matchup. It came about because Sharapova won her match (against I don't remember who) and Venus beat Serena.

Next was the telecast of a game that apparently happened earlier in the day, or was happening on a different court at the same time or whatever. It was Swiss player Roger Federer (well known as a rival for American player Andre Agassi) versus a much younger Croatian player named Mario Ancic. I'm not sure who won. Oh, Federer. He still has to play another quarterfinal match though. But if he wins his match and Andre Agassi wins his match, we could see another matchup for the rivals in the semifinals.

That's it. Bye.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!

Not much to report...I'm going back to school tomorrow.

Oh did I say I have a new job? Oh yeah I did.

Found out the AI results...Mikalah is out. Wahhh.

Susan and Patrick are off The Amazing Race. Nice. Patrick was really rude. But Rob and Amber got in first. I really, really want them to lose.

No college group tonight so I'll get to see Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Cool.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just do it already!

Ok, I don't know who at Fox goofed up, but apparently they had to do a re-run of Tuesday's show last night cause somebody goofed up the voting numbers. This means none of my votes from Tuesday count. I hope people like Constantine, Anwar, and Carrie enough that they stay in. That's who I voted for.

I hope Jessica Sierra gets voted off. I thought she should've gotten the boot last week, but at least Lindsey Cardinale's gone.

In other news...the end-of-work countdown continues. 5 days down (including today), 9 more to go.

I was worried how business would go today because there was a report on Good Morning America about a lady who found part of a human finger in her chili at a Wendy's. Business didn't suffer much though. Carlos (my boss) says it was actually the fault of the chili meat maker that that happened. (I guess a memo went out).

There was a couple who came in today, and they were showing WAYYYY too much PDA (public display of affection). They were standing in line aggressively kissing one another (making out, I guess) and then I guess they continued doing this kind of thing out in the dining room (my coworker Kristine saw them...she said she wanted to hit them with a tray). It's like, hello, get a room, would ya? Even if it's the coin-op bathroom in the nearby laundromat (which smells like the bottom of some kind of animal cage).

At any rate, I won't be able to watch American Idol anyway cause the TV's still unplugged cause the plumber people aren't done fixing the leak we have. I wonder where they are. They must've left. Meanwhile, there's dehumidifiers everywhere. I think it's drying out my throat.

I played lots of FFTA today. Sis mastered 3 fencing moves (Swarmstrike, Manastrike, and Featherblow) so I was able to make her a Red Mage, which is an expert job for a Viera. I may upgrade some others when I get a chance. Except Marche. I think he's probably ok as a soldier. And maybe Montblanc. I could probably upgrade Brish. Brish knows Life, Cure, and Cura. Montblanc is pretty good. He knows Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Fira. If I could get him to learn Blizzara and Thundara, I'll be in business.

I also need to train up my animist so he can learn more than Chocobo Rush. Meanwhile, I dismissed my archer Brean (who left saying he didn't like me that much anyway...well!) and another or two and now I have a very small clan (Ritz's is the smallest; it's just her and Shara).
I dispatched most of my people mostly cause I accepted a mission on a Jagd, where if you're dead at the end, you're dead for good, and I don't want to lose any of my good people. Fortunately, some of my people are in prison I think so that helps.

I wonder what happens if Marche dies at a Jagd. Does the game end? I hope not.

Oh wait I canceled that one. I just remembered. Never mind!

Anyhow, after I finish this, I'm gonna visit Fiction Express then I have some work to do upstairs. I gotta work on my Excel stuff.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Music and more

As they call a department on Shop Till You Drop.

I went to the Museum of Making Music yesterday. It was quite fun. They had a bunch of different instruments, including a signed guitar that I think was from Peter, Paul, and Mary, and a nice Beatles display.

We have a pipe leak at home which means I can't take a shower (cause there's no hot water). Till when, I don't know.

I wonder if the girls' locker room at school's open. It might have showers.

American Idol continues. I'm not sure how many more people they're gonna drop before the finale. I think Jessica Sierra should go. Even though she's a Jessica Simpson look-alike (okay, an EARLY Jessica Simpson look-alike) her voice isn't THAT great, really. At least they dropped Lindsey Cardinale, who should not have even made it to the top 12, personally.

The Amazing Race also continues. Survivors Rob and Amber just keep going on. They finished first this last time. Again. Ugh...I just want them to lose. It wouldn't be fair if they won. Too much publicity for CBS, if anything else. And frankly, do they NEED a million dollars? Amber already won that on Survivor.

They have a special 2-hour show next week...I wonder why, cause normally they only have that for the finale, and maybe the premiere. It can't be over already!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Vacances du printemps (Spring vacation)

Vacation's where I wanna be....a buddy on the beach where the fun is free....we don't need a holiday to start to celebrate....repeat after me, I need a vacation...

Hee hee. I was just reminded of a Vitamin C song.

I had a good day today and am looking forward to spring break, even though I have to work.

Right now I'm nursing my arm. The reason? Well, I got tired of having to go out when I wanted a soda, so I went out and bought a 2-liter of Max Cola (cause it was really cheap...94 cents with tax...sweet!), but when I was going home I followed what I thought would be a new shortcut home, but it involved climbing over a wall. I got to the top of the wall, then decided to (carefully) push myself (sitting down) to where the wall seemed to be closer to the ground. I never got there. Instead, I fell back over the other side of the wall (the side I had climbed up from) and landed on some not-so-soft foliage. I got only a couple cuts, but they really, really hurt (they're better now, though, thanks to the fact that I invested in some antibiotic Band-aids one morning when I tripped over a curb on my way to Savon before school). One's just a few scratches, but one on my wrist (right where it meets the hand) got cut kind of deep. Nothing 911 serious, but pretty bad. Now I know why they put the nails there when they crucified Jesus (they couldn't put them in the hands because they would destroy certain nerves). It even hurts to type right now (fortunately, it's on my left arm, which isn't my writing arm...hooray!)

But I'm going to have some explaining to do at work tommorrow. Too bad I can't wear a long sleeved shirt.

Gotta go. My friend Mark is picking me up soon to take me to college group.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Olsen Twins, FFTA, and resignation

I read this morning in In Touch that the Olsen Twins didn't get a deal for this one movie because Mary-Kate said no. "Ashley wants to concentrate on movies and was ready to do this project, but Mary-Kate didn't want to do it, so the deal fell through...They won't be sharing the screen together any time soon," said an insider. I feel sorry for Ashley...she will probably have trouble finding roles cause the sisters have been acting together since they were 9 months old(more or less...they alternated playing Michelle on Full House). They are known better as a pair than as individuals. I personally think Mary-Kate needs time to focus on her life after her eating disorder problems, etc. I hope that either together or separate, they start to make more mature movies. I like their movies, but they are very formulaic. They go somewhere and they meet guys, then almost lose the guys, then get them again. They even did a reality TV spoof (The Challenge), kind of like that one episode of That's So Raven which featured Raven and Chelsea on a show called Termidate.

I have made changes to my Final Fantasy Tactics Advance party. I saw that I had too many black mages and some other people I didn't need. So, I dismissed some and changed the jobs of a few others. Here's the new list. They are listed by level ranking; the things following the names are, in this order: race, job, and current level.

-Montblanc: Moogle, Black Mage, level 19
-Marche: Human, Soldier, level 19
-Brish: Nu Mou, White Mage, level 18
-Mareen: Viera, Archer, level 17
-Roland: Human, Soldier, level 16
-Sis: Viera, Fencer, level 13
-Higgins: Human, Black Mage, level 12
-Nol: Human, Thief, level 11
-Rodrigo: Human, White Mage, level 11 (formerly Thief)
-Brean: Human, Archer, level 11
-Bernardo: Nu Mou, Beastmaster, level 11 (formerly Black Mage)
-Satir: Bangaa, Warrior, level 10
-Peet: Bangaa, White Monk, level 10
-Jalam: Moogle, Animist, level 6 (formerly Black Mage)

For a total of 14 clan members: two Nu Mous, two Bangaas, two Moogles, two Vieras, and six humans. I have 2 soldiers, 1 animist, 1 beastmaster, 1 White Monk, 1 Warrior, 1 Fencer, 2 Black Mages, 2 White Mages, 1 thief, and 2 archers. I figure this is a good balance. I had only one White Mage for a while (Brish) then decided I didn't need another Thief so I changed Rodrigo to a White Mage. Same with Bernardo and Jalam; Higgins and Montblanc are enough for Black Mages. Montblanc has mastered all basic Black Magic (Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard) as well as the powered-up Fira, and now I'm having him learn Blizzara, a power-up of Blizzard. Higgins has mastered basic magic too, and I'm teaching him Fira now.

Ok enough about that. I handed in my resignation boss tried to persuade me to stay, but I left a note for him saying I am certain that I want to quit. Hopefully there will be no problems. I am going to call tomorrow night to make sure I'm still on the schedule, which would mean they've chosen to honor my two weeks' notice request. We'll see.

Brrrrrrr.....I need to turn the heat on.

There's a commercial on right now saying Arnold Schwartzenneger (my state's governor) has broken his word about helping to finance the schools. Enough already about that. I'm already worried that tuition going up. My first semester the tuition went up from $11/unit to $18/unit, then either this semester or the last, it went up to $26/unit. I heard it might go up to $33/unit. That's RIDICULOUS!!!!!! I would pay about $400 just for basic tuition for a full load (12 units). I have to be full-time cause that way I stay on my dad's health insurance. Grrr....

Friday, March 18, 2005

All right!!!!

I'm in!! I had my interview and they called back...they want to hire me!!! I'm so happy. I'm going to treat myself to dinner to celebrate, I think. Maybe pizza.

Image hosted by


Well, I am nervous...that's all I can say. I have an in on a new job, cause my dad knows the manager (she's a client of his), and I have an interview with her today. Wish me luck!

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Celtic music

Tonight my mom and I went to see a Celtic folk band called Banshee in the Kitchen. Here's a picture of them from their website:

Image hosted by

They play jigs and songs, slow and fast. The leader, Mary, plays the guitar and the Irish bouzouki (a instrument that looks like a big mandolin); Jill plays the accordion, the whistle, and the flute, and Brenda plays the hammered dulcimer and the fiddle. It makes for very interesting sounds. Here's what a bouzouki looks like:

Image hosted by

And here's Brenda and her dulcimer...pretty, huh?

Image hosted by
Well, it's late, and I want to be well-rested so I can focus on working on my concert report for this concert and another essay, both for my Survey of World Music class.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'm crestfallen...

I love that word, "crestfallen." Don't know why.

Well, no Jeopardy for me. You have to be 21 or older to compete in the event (probably cause it's at a casino). It would've been nice if they had mentioned that in the commercial. Dangit...

sorry i haven't posted in a while...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...nothing much to report. My two American Idol faves are still in it.

My big news is this: the Brain Bus is coming to town!! The Brain Bus is the touring bus of Jeopardy, which means I could try out!! It's coming next Saturday, and my parents said I should go for it...I hope they can take me cause it's kind of hard to get there by's at some casino in the boonies. (Where I live, you can only have casinos on Indian land, if that tells you anything).

I'm going to check the Jeopardy site real quick for details. Bye.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

$10,000 each?!?!

Check this out!

You'll find out that as the first place finishers of the first leg, Debbie and Bianca got $10,000...EACH!!! Now, in previous seasons, the first place finishers of a leg won a trip to Hawaii or somewhere. But money!? Wow. So even if they don't win, they'll leave with something. Here's their happy faces:

Here's a picture of the happy (and completely alcohol-free, strange for the host of a show where people had a Detour choice of drinking vodka in shot glasses off Cossack swords a couple seasons ago...but that's partially why he looks so fit all the time) Phil Keoghan, with an Incan soldier, waiting to greet the teams:

For me, nothing to report...I did finish my Word test though this morning. But since I wanted to get here early, I got up at 5:30, so I am pooped....

(Btw, I got these pics from the Amazing Race 7 website, which you can get to using the link above).

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I had some ravioli for lunch, in a microwavable cup from Circle K. Here's what it looks like:

With it I had a king size Triple Chocolate Drumstick cone and caffeine free Diet Pepsi. Yum!!

The Amazing Race is on right now...yay. Gotta go.