Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Am I an aspie, health projects, Will Makar

Am I an aspie? That is a question I'm asking myself. If I am, it means I have Asperger syndrome, a form of autism where you have normal or above average intelligence but impaired social skills and developmental delays in motor skills. I have been doing some research on this last night and today, and it sure sounds like I have the symptoms.

I was thinking about this cause I need to come up with a topic for my lifestyle wellness project, and I want to do something related to this. Like work on my social skills. But how to narrow it down to a simpler thing to do a project on.

Mum said I could do it on eye contact. I do have trouble with that. I have trouble looking at cameras straight, for goodness sake. I always had my chin up too high or something. Made me a bane for school photo photographers.

I think maybe I will do that. I just have to make sure it's something I can research. And ok it with my teacher.

Will Makar
On a lighter fave American Idol guy, Will Makar--who looks like Josh Groban (to me) and sings about as good as him too--is still in it, so far. This week's results show will be the key time. If he's not eliminated this week, he goes to the final 12. Some AI fans think he looks like Bobby Brady. Check out the pic and see which assessment you agree with.

I better go and see how my pantihose are doing. They should be ready to hang to dry about now. (I had to clean the feet cause they smelled).

I sure am glad I got through this post. I kept doing things that made me have to start it over.