Monday, February 28, 2005

The Macarena and classical piano

I just came back from seeing Sam Rotman, a classical pianist. It was awesome!!

Nothing else really to report, except this, cause this is hilarious:

I found myself humming "The Macarena" at work, and my coworker Yaneheris asked me what I was singing. I told her it was "The Macarena." She asked if that was a Britney Spears song. I said no then said I really dislike Britney Spears. But I thought afterwards that I couldn't believe she didn't know what "The Macarena" was...ha ha.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another brief note

I have got a killer headache from dusting in my room...

My faves for "American Idol" are still in it...yay...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I just need to relax...

Today was an ok day. I got my last Word assignment graded and then spent about an hour in the library, where I was actually able to read basically all the posts at the Code LYOKO forum I'm part of (ok, I did "mark all posts read" in a couple forums) and then do a bunch of other stuff. I had to start real early at work cause they changed Nena's schedule, but didn't tell her, so she wasn't there at 10:30 like she was supposed to be. Then I had to cover for her break. It made me irritated...I mean I already covered for her cause they didn't let her know she had to be there early. Grr.

It's also the first day of...uh...that time of the month. I always feel drained on that day, although ibuprofen helps, but of course I didn't have any with me, and there's no water here to drink it down with.

My fingers are a little sticky cause I was putting stain remover on a couple things...ick.

Well I'm gonna make dinner and visit Fiction Express while I watch TV. The results for the American Idol top 12 are being announced tonight and I hope my two faves get in.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A brief note

Hi...a brief note before I go to class.

Nothing much to report. Lots of rain though. Read this article:

Now I wait for the week to go by and payday to come...

I am working on a new website. I do not know who I should host it with. I already have one site with Geocities. Sadly it is not registered with Yahoo search...I submitted it forever ago and they never contacted me. Maybe cause I need a META tag in my HTML? Don't know.

There are plenty of minor sites, like, that host sites, along with the major hosts like Geocities, Tripod, and Angelfire (I actually had a couple sites on Angelfire; my first Geocities site was a Sailor Mercury shrine called Liquid Mercury, for which my best friend made a cool logo on Photoshop, but which sadly I took down...3 sites at one time is hard to do...)

akkk...5 minutes till class. I gotta jet. As the Weekenders say, "Later days!"

Sunday, February 20, 2005

A day off...

This is my one day off this's nice.

I've been playing Animal Crossing and 007: Agent Under Fire for my Game Cube today. I have found out I'm not great at the Bond game. I also found out a cool thing on Animal Crossing. The Nintendo developers send you a letter; it's the first one you get. If you select it, there is a thing on the submenu that says "present." Choose "present" and you'll find out they sent you a grab bag. Open it, and you'll get two NES games (Tennis and Pinball) for your house, and I think some notepaper. Put the games in your house, then you can play them (make sure you have a slot on your memory card to "save" afterwards). If you have a Game Boy Advance cable, you can send them to your GBA! Except I don't have the cable yet. But it's something to look forward to...

Nothing else to really report...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Is the Game Cube popular in Cub(e)a?

The title of this entry is based on a joke my dad made, saying that the Game Cube was probably popular in Cuba. Cube, Cuba...get it?

Yeah I thought it was dumb too.

He made this joke cause I just bought a pre-played Game Cube, which they have for $59.99 at EB Games. I have bought 2 games for me (Animal Crossing and 007: Agent Under Fire) and 1 for my brother with money he gave me (Madden 2005). I need to buy a new memory card though, probably a high-capacity one cause Madden 2005 uses a lot of memory.

Well I'm gonna go cause I have to go study soon.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stubborn, hungry sims and missing money

Hi again. I'm typing this while the guys in my stats project group figure out the mean, median, mode, and midrange of our Yahtzee scores for our stats project on Excel.

I had a good day today, except that for some weird reason I came up $20 short on my cash drawer at work, and I have no idea how that happened.

I had a stubborn little sim to deal with this morning. She would be starving, and so I'd lead her to a fridge or a stove at home, and she wouldn't eat, just shrug. So, she passed out 4 times in about as many days. Finally, I earned enough money (I bet all my money on a wood countertop during an auction at the general store) to get her a burger at the Burning Spool, then she finally started eating regularly again. Good little sim....

Here's some tips on how to earn Simoleons, the currency of the Sims world. Note this is for the GBA version of The Sims: Bustin' Out.

-You can get money by mowing Uncle Hayseed's lawn once a day between 5am and 7pm. It's quite hard to steer the stupid mower, but mow enough weeds and you can get quite a bit of money, especially at level 2.
-You automatically get an 80-simoleon "tip" when you deliver something someone gives you to the correct person, including your uncle. You can use the phone to call the person you have to deliver to in order to find out where they are. You might have to look around a bit to find them if they're outside a building.

Other tips:

-If possible, offer a hug to people you talk to. Most of them will let you hug them, and it helps up relationship points.
-Pick the flattering comments when makes the people happy and ups relationship points.
-Many things up your entertainment points (measured by the bar with the TV). You can watch TV, dance to music, play games at the Burning Spool, or admire things, like the wooden chicken in your room or Uncle Hayseed's tractor to gain entertainment points. So far.

that's all...bye bye

Monday, February 07, 2005

The life of a sim...

I'll be quick cause class starts soon.

Another week has started for school and work, and I hope it goes well.

I've finally figured out what the heck to do on my Sims game. Yes, I play the Sims. I have heard of these games but never played them (except for the really boring N64 game SimCity 2000, which my friend and I never really figured out). I own The Sims: Bustin' Out for the GBA. It's a riot. While you have certain goals, like move all your furniture to the barn and so on, your main objective is just to direct your sim to do all the stuff normal people do: eat, sleep, watch TV, take a shower, use the toilet, etc. Now I finally get to make some money (the currency being Simoleons) by mowing the lawn. Fun!! Assuming I don't get stuck against the lawn wall like I did last time.

Well, better go. Class starts at 9, and it's 8:52. Bye.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The end of another week...

Another week of school is over...even though it's only the second week there's still been quite a bit of homework.

I am facing the challenge though. I have finished the first section of my Computer Fundamentals class, Intro to Computers, and have moved on to Microsoft Word. I finished the first assignment yesterday. It took a while because I had to follow steps in the book one by one and stuff.

I hope I pass this class. If I do, I can take CIS 105 (Intermediate Computer Fundamentals) and then move on to Advanced Word, Excel, and Access (there's no Advanced Powerpoint, strangely enough), the road to becoming Microsoft certified, which would be a plus. I might take advanced keyboarding and transcription too from the Business Office Tech, or BOT, program (what used to be known as the "Business, self-paced" section of classes).

I'm moving along in stats and physical science too. I went to the beach yesterday to do observations there for phys. sci homework. It was a good beach day too, not typical of February here at all really.

World music is good; I'm having trouble finding concerts to go to for my concert reports though. I figure I can bank on the Taiko concert during the Japanese Spring Festival at school, assuming that they do that again this year (and I can make it to the concert). Other than that, I don't know. I think blues counts, cause it's in our book. I'll check.

That's it. Bye! Here's a pic to leave you with, from the Sailor Moon mini-movie Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (Ami-chan's First Love):

Oh, btw, I finished the 5th Harry Potter book, and I'm looking forward to book 6...I already reserved a copy at the nearest Barnes and Noble.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

On thin ice...

I got a talking-to from the manager again, just cause I raised my voice and apparently people can hear you out in the dining room if you yell. It's just that I was on fries, and I was going to put fries down, but my coworker Jose had just been changing the frying oil so I asked him where I should put fries down. Due to a misunderstanding (because I can't always understand what he says), I put the fries in the wrong baskets, so I got mad at him. I don't like to make mistakes, especially since I was already cited in a complaint for reaching in my pants to tuck my shirt in within the eyeline of a customer (I didn't know the person was watching) or something like that anyway.

My manager says if I'm named by name in a complaint again, he may have to fire me, because he might lose his job if he doesn't deal with me. I could hardly believe this (I didn't say so to him, of course) considering I am overall a good worker, and I have only had outbursts like this a handful of times in the almost 11 months I've worked there. I can keep my temper up to a point. If things pile up, I might snap, but most of the time, I am ok.

I am nervous...I don't want to lose my job. But all the jobs currently posted on Monstertrak for school I either can't do cause of the hours or cause of some qualification I don't meet. I saw one job when I did a general search that looked promising, as a secretary for a psychologist, but you have to know how to balance a ledger and a checkbook, and I don't know how to do that stuff.

I think Einstein's Bagels by the mall is hiring. I keep getting "Exciting Job in your Neighborhood" e-mails for that from Fastweb. I like bagels, and I have some food prep experience (from my current job). I am going that way today anyways, once I can get to the Fiction Express forum to check it. It's not coming up like it's supposed to.


I've started the 5th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's rather interesting. I'm gonna be near Barnes and Noble today, so I may try to pre-order book 6, since this series is looking better every step of the way.

If this vent-fest doesn't interest you, the article below might. It's about life after the Iraq elections. By the way, I think it's great people got out there and voted!!