Friday, December 15, 2006

A little update

Hi there. How are things?

A lot has happened since Nov. 16. Still no job yet, but I have made steps. I went in and did an application and interview with a place called AppleOne, a job services place. I am also still waiting for definitive word back from Walgreen's. (I had an interview with them like 2 weeks ago and I still haven't heard anything conclusive). So things are looking up.

School is officially over for me for the fall semester. I took my last final yesterday. I am so happy that's over. That's one big load off my back. It's been a tough semester.

Right now, I am focusing on getting a job, planning for next semester schoolwise, and getting my Christmas shopping done. I thankfully am going to be able to buy presents as I hoped -- my parents agreed to give me money from my savings with them like I asked, and I got $68.75 from selling some of my books back, so a bunch of that went to Christmas presents. Plus I bought some stocking stuffers before my last Loaves & Fishes check ran out. So now I am almost done. I just need to finish buying the presents I've planned to buy for the family (my parents and my brother) as well as maybe something for my Aunt Jane, who I found out is coming for Christmas. Plus I need to buy a couple 4-square balls to bring for the church tree. (It's one of those things where you pick an ornament that has a certain needed item on it from some relief place in the area -- the balls I'm getting are for some shelter for boys). Then I need to make the little bag I'm making to hold this one present I got for my mom, and then wrap everything. With a little over a week until Christmas (10 days to be exact), I think I have plenty of time.

As for school prep, I wrote down a list of all the University Studies majors offered, and then chose the ones I was most interested in. I then took these and looked them up on Assist (a website for transfer students in CA) and typed up what CSU schools offered the majors I was interested in getting a University Studies A.A. in. I then narrowed these down more by circling the schools and subdegrees, etc I wanted to pursue further. Then I got info on the majors from the websites of the schools. Now I just need to look over that stuff.

I am still doing videos, although I got quite a shock on Tuesday -- my YouTube account got "permanently disabled." This is due to three videos they labeled as copyright-infringing. Now I would never deliberately infringe copyright. That's illegal and wrong. I even put copyright notices in the credits of my videos to avoid this. Yet they blocked my Katharine McPhee and Inuyasha vids (which had clips from fansites) and my video about May from Pokémon which had a few opening sequence clips and a bunch of still pics. And because there were multiple occurrances of this, they disabled my account. I do not understand how I violated copyright (I suppose with the Katharine McPhee one I can sort of understand, since American Idol is a network show -- but the facts that use of the clips was infringing would be the fansite makers' fault, not mine, right?).

I am now back where I originally was with hosting videos: on Putfile. Not as fancy but also less strict. Right now I only have a few videos on there that I put up this week when at school (since our family computer blocks Putfile as well as YouTube) -- I won't be able to put up any more until the internet on my laptop gets fixed or I go back to school, whichever comes first. I may try to get back on YouTube by creating a different e-mail account and going under that. I am still thinking about all that.

So anyway you can view my videos now at Starlight Starbright, my Putfile page (same account as in the pre-YouTube days, different page name).

Speaking of videos, I have progressed some with the fansub I was doing of the first episode of season 3 of Code Lyoko. I don't think I mentioned the fansub on here, just on Tech Links, the CL forum I was doing it for. Anyway, I got raw footage of the first episode of CL season 3 in French and proceeded to get a script, translate it, and do a fansub. You can download it in parts via Sendspace if you're interested. Here are the links:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

I've been on Sendspace since I started doing the fansub back in September. It's a great file sharing site AND our family comp doesn't block it like it does Rapidshare and Megaupload. I first learned of its existence back when doing that infamous Katharine McPhee video (which, now that I'm on Putfile, I may remake -- I'll have to read their Terms of Service first, since I already got a warning for putting a link in a comment...sheesh, why is that so bad? I'm not spamming!).

I have also been busy translating lyrics from the new CD Code Lyoko featuring The Subdigitals for the Tech Links people. This CD was recently released in France and features songs by a fictional band the characters in CL like (in the English version the band is called The Subsonics), as well as the show's French theme song as a "bonus track." You can see the lyrics, with my translations, if you like, by downloading them from the links below (listed in the order the songs appear on the CD):

-Ouvre Les Yeux (Open Your Eyes):
-Technoïde (no real English translation for that word):
-D'ici et d'ailleurs (From Here and Elsewhere):
-Ensemble (Together):
-Sauver Le Monde (To Save the World):
-La Tribu (The Tribe):
-Bienvenue (Welcome):
-S'envoler (To Fly Away):

They're all ZIP files; I made them that way so I could attach them to posts at Tech Links. I zipped the files using WinRAR archives, but saved the files as ZIP so they could be downloaded and opened by people who didn't have WinRAR.

These are not all the songs: Tracks 7 and 9, called "Rodéo" and "S'en Aller," and the first track, "Planet Net," are not listed. Another forum member translated "Planet Net" before me, getting the lyrics from a karaoke video posted on the net (which you can see at my Putfile page), so I didn't translate it right away (I have now though and I'll post it here) and the lyrics for the other two I just was able to get this morning from the French CL forum I've been getting lyrics from, so I haven't translated those yet.

Not much else to say. I was really tired when I got home yesterday, and mostly sat at the computer half-asleep. I went upstairs, showered, and did the Sailor Saturn video I'd planned to make (to "A DIEU," a song sung by Saturn's seiyuu, Minaguchi Yuko), saved the Movie Maker file, and then closed down my laptop and went to bed. This morning, I got up, did my morning stuff, saved the video to the computer, did some dishes, watched The Price is Right, and went on the family comp again over lunch, which is where I am now.

I'm tired. I'm just trying to kill time while my laundry finishes. I want to wait for it to finish before I go out and Christmas shop.