Sunday, April 17, 2005

Lots of stuff to do...

I have SOOO much to do. I have to read the chapter on India for music so I can post for this week. I have to finish cleaning my room. Today I'm going to the second day of the Oceanside Days of Art to start my final project, also for music, which is going to focus on the Ballet Folklorico from Rancho (the local high school). That is, if I can get the tape recorder I just bought to do interviews with to work...I may have to return that...arrgh. I also have to look through the stuff I have on film processing and the other photography science stuff I have for my physical science final project.

My work had an anniversary sale this weekend. It was my first weekend there, and a sale. Wow. I felt worse for Brittany, who's also new. She went on her school's senior cruise Friday night and didn't get to bed till around 4:30 a.m., then had to get up and work all day Saturday.

I'm so sleepy...I need caffeine. It'll be a while but oh well. Later. *yawn*

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