Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weary but ok 5 days after the Ides of March

I know, the subject line is a little weird but I couldn't think of anything else (the Ides of March, by the way, is March 15...the date is famous as the date Julius Caesar was murdered and through a line from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar that reads "Beware the ides of March"...also happens to be my old English teacher Mrs. Palmer's birthday, I think...which was funny cause it was in her class that we read Julius Caesar).

I have been closing a lot lately, so I have been tired a lot more than usual. I actually worked 8 days in a row (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday of one week and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of the following week) before getting a day off. Actually I was supposed to get all of last weekend off, but I had to go in on Saturday for 4 hours cause Gail (the bakery manager -- oh yeah I'm in bakery now I'll explain that in a minute) forgot to schedule someone to close. (I checked the schedule for this week, when I'm also supposed to have the weekend off, and she has people scheduled to close all those days so I shouldn't have to go in, which is good especially since my parents and brother are going out of town, so I won't have a ride home, since the buses don't run that late in my neighborhood).

In news since the 1st...I have changed departments at work. Erika (the store manager) thought I might do better in the bakery, plus this girl from the bakery named Samera wasn't getting along with the bakery manager and I wasn't getting along with Lily from my department, so Erika switched us. Samera really likes it in the service deli, at least from what I have heard from her. I do like the bakery, but I have finally worked with my boss, Gail, and well...she is somewhat strict and no-nonsense, which is a little intimidating for me to say the least. The weird thing is, when I was working in the service deli, I thought Gail was really nice, not strict at all. I guess things change when you actually work for a person. She reminds me of my high school French and 11th and 12th grade English teacher, Mrs. Burnworth.

Warton, Gilbert, and I are making progress on our "project." I still can't say anything cause this blog is linked on not only my websites but on the two forums I frequent as well, so I'm afraid if I say something the word will get out prematurely, which wouldn't be good.

This weekend I get to myself since Mum, Papa, and Andrew will be out of town (they actually leave tomorrow). Mum is meeting her friend from Oklahoma and they are going to Sedona (a city in Arizona) together, and Papa and Andrew are making their annual trip to Phoenix to see our local baseball team in spring training. Knowing this was coming, I made sure to ask for early shifts on the days they're gone, so I don't need a ride home. I put it on the deli calendar far in advance, but then I had to rewrite it on the bakery calendar (each department has some kind of calendar, as far as I know, for employees to write when they need to switch shifts or get days off) cause of my department switch. I wrote it on there first thing on my first day there, so Gail would have plenty of notice. She did give me early hours on Thursday (11am-3pm) and gave me Fri-Sun. off (which wasn't necessary but is nice...actually I expected to get Sunday off cause I had put on my application that I didn't want to work in the morning on Sundays cause of church, and so they couldn't give me an early shift). Tomorrow is still in limbo though. Gail apparently forgot about me needing an early shift that day and scheduled me to close. I called her yesterday morning and asked (politely -- she is big on politeness) if it was possible that I could switch shifts so I got off earlier. She said she would change it, but as of tonight, I saw no change on the schedule. Plus, she wasn't there when I came into work today (which is odd cause she was there when I came in at the same time yesterday...maybe she was off?) so I couldn't ask her about it. I'm going to have to call her early in the morning to see when I should come in. I'm guessing it's not super early, or she would've given me more notice. It might be as early as 9 though cause she said she was going to try to get me a shift where I got off at 6, and 9-6 is not an unusual shift to work (at least in the deli...don't know about bakery).

I guess I should go to bed soon so I can get up early to call her. Some brief notes on other stuff:

  • Wizard rock: Still checking it out. I figured out how to download songs off of the bands' Myspace pages (yay) so I got a bunch of songs from bands I'd looked up. I like Philosopherock (their song "The Real Mad-Eye Moody" is pretty good...I think in general they must do parodies, cause one of their other songs, "Eulogy, Book IV," is clearly a parody of "Skater Boy" by Avril Lavigne, at least in the tune. The same goes for "Eulogy, Book V," which is clearly a parody music-wise of "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys). I also like Dumbledore's Army (their song "Voldemort's Return" is funny cause it parodies "I Will Survive") and a one-woman band called The Half-Blood Princess (I really like her song "Please Remus," which is unique in that it is from Tonks's point of view, a POV you don't really see in wizard rock songs). I still listen to The Hermione Crookshanks Experience (I finally got a few of that band's songs from its "supplemental" Myspace page), Harry and the Potters, and Hollow Godric (actually them not so much lately cause I've heard all the songs they have available for download on their site). I also checked out some other bands, like The Weasleys and The Wands. The band I really wanted music from was The Weird Sisters/Switchblade Kittens, but they didn't have anything to download.
I was gonna add more, but I really have to use the W.C., and plus it's getting late. Good night.

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