Tuesday, November 13, 2007

School work piles up, new YouTube account, transfer progress, Dumbledore now officially possible as a slash fiction character, etc.

As you can see, I am as usual not writing here much. I am busy, as usual, with school and work. With the semester being almost over, not to mention the school schedule getting disrupted from its normal pace by the wildfires, the work is piling up at school as teachers try to rearrange their semester schedules to accomodate the fact that we missed a week. I had a journal (small essay) due for Lit last Thursday (on White Teeth, the novel we've been reading, which we finished recently -- I did mine on "Irie Jones as the sane one" cause for some reason she is my favorite character), plus a test in U.S. History, and my book review for World History was due the following day.

Having some half shifts at work last week really helped; we have some new people in our department so I got a break from my seemingly endless string of all-full-shift weeks. And I do this week too except that tomorrow and Sunday I have full shifts (10-7) but that's not too bad. The new people are a girl named Rebecca, a girl named Liz, and these two baggers named Matt and Corey who got promoted to GMC (General Merchandise Clerk, which is what I am, except since they just started as GMC's and I've been a GMC since I started at Stater Bros nearly 10 months ago and have gotten a few raises, I probably make a bit more than they do -- in fact, I'm sure I do, cause when I started as a GMC I started at $7.65/hour, which was 15 cents over minimum wage, and now I make $8.55/hour) and ended up in the bakery.

Anyway I worked almost non-stop on the book review the last couple weeks, even ordering a book I felt would be useful through Barnes and Noble and getting it like 5 days before the paper was due (a week after I ordered it). And then when I finished typing it up the night before it was due, it was wayyy too long. Like 12 pages (endnotes included), when the page requirement was 3 pages. I sent it to my teacher asking for advice and how to condense it, and she replied back on Friday night (the night the paper was due) that she'd proof it and if it needed a rewrite, she'd give me an extra day. So I waited and waited for her response and finally got it on Sunday. She said my paper was so well-researched and "fabulous" that she'd take it despite the length. Which was awesome.

Now that I can take a breather after that very time-consuming project, I can focus on other things, like my two Lit papers (an essay project on White Teeth and a homework assignment where we do scholarship research) and the Dark Mercury Arc Fandub Project, part of which has finally been posted on YouTube.

One drag to using YouTube is that they once again deleted my account, after giving me quite a bit of hope that they would not when they didn't do so even after blocking like 4 of my videos in one fell swoop. I guess trying to upload this pic as an avatar is what did it, cause that was the last thing I uploaded there.

Anyway, I managed to create a new account, and as a precaution, put some of my old videos on my Veoh account and created a backup account on YouTube. Here's links:

Primary YouTube account

Backup YouTube account

Veoh account (where even the creator of Veoh sent me a friend invite!)

Oops gotta go 4 minutes till class. More about transferring and Dumbledore later. Bye.

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