Saturday, May 17, 2008

A quickie update

I am just going to do a quick post, since it is late and I need to get up early tomorrow to go to my mum's graduation (yes, I got the day off).

Class: My final is next Thursday. We have to hang up our 5 matted prints, exchange prints with other classmates, and supposedly take some sort of written exam about which Richards-sensei has been very vague. The problem with Richards-sensei is that it is difficult to tell whether he is joking or serious most of the time.

My lily edition is now an edition of like 10, the most I've done. I did three prints with the background being black and the lily itself being some other color. I experimented with the etching ink tubes that were available. The first such color I found was called "thalto viridian." I'm not sure what "thalto" means (I've seen it on other things of ink also), but I recognized the word "viridian." I knew that it was a greenish color. As funny as it sounds, I probably recognized the word from the Pokémon games, as the final gym in the Kanto region (covered in Red/Blue/Yellow and Fire Red/Leaf Green, as well as the second half of Gold/Silver/Crystal) is located in a town called "Viridian City." Viridian City is also the first major town you come upon at the start of the game in Kanto, after leaving Pallet Town. But anyway, like other towns in the earlier games that had color-related names, the town was tinted that color in the game.

Anyway the "viridian" color turned out, as expected, to be a bluish green. For once, Richards-sensei didn't say anything about my color choice (probably cause I was using the ink tubes rather than the little containers of ink, the colored ones of which are mainly relief ink, not etching ink) and actually said that it was a nice color. And it did turn out nice actually.

The other two I did in "sepia" and "cadmium red light" respectively. The "sepia" turned out as a really dark brown, which I did not expect since sepia photographs are usually a lighter brown. It turned out ok though -- I thinned it enough for there to be a differentiation between the black and the sepia. The other color was also surprising -- I expected it to be, well, a light red. But apparently "cadmium red" is actually more like red-orange. That one turned out ok but I don't like it as much.

I am going to do more prints of it before the final, simply cause I have paper left and don't want to waste it. I also have to choose one of them to mat for my final.

Oh by the way matting yesterday was killer. It took me forever just to mat four prints, and the teacher had to help me a lot. But I finally got done around 4:00, near the end of class, and still had some time to do those two aforementioned prints.

Work: I was late today unfortunately, due to some transportation issues. I caught the bus at the wrong stop and thus ended up on a later bus, missed a train, had to catch the next one, got on my connecting bus to work and ended up on a bus with two wheelchairs (wheelchairs have to be fastened when a person gets on and unfastened when they get off, which slows down the bus), and ended up clocking in 19 minutes late. Ouch. And to top it off, I had taken my hairtie out of my locker and ended up having to put my hair up with a rubber band (obtained from Paul the CSR), until I bought scrunchies on my break.

Joseph was off, but we did not realize this till later in the afternoon. Thank goodness Maryam (one of the checkers) was helping package stuff cause it would've have been tough otherwise. I did garlic bread early on, then packaged some stuff, and then went to lunch. After lunch, I got things ready to finish what bread I had on the table. Then I went to inspect the other bread waiting to be made into garlic bread. Around this time I had to break out French bread to put in the proofer. When going to get the French bread, I noticed the cooler looked pretty empty. I went back to check later, and (wouldn't you know it?) there was no break-out. We had five people here, and nobody bothered to do any break-out? Um, ok. So, to save the girls a talking-to from Karen (our baker) in the morning, I took matters into my own hands and lugged the six-wheeler holding the rolls and danishes out of the freezer, and started to do break-out (this was at around 4:30). I was interrupted several times in the beginning for customers, etc., and also by Maryam with questions about things. But later in the evening (after 6:00) things slowed down and I actually got some work done. I followed the break-out list and broke out all the rolls and danishes, finishing at 6:50. Then I cleaned up, pushed the really heavy six-wheeler back into the freezer and started grabbing donut boxes. Then I broke out the donuts. By the time I finished this, it was 7:10. With 10 minutes left, I started to grab bagel boxes. I had one tray of bagels done when the phone rang. It turned out to be an order (though a quick one), but by the time I finished it it was time to clean up and leave. So I put the bagel boxes back, covered the rack and put it in the cooler, and got out of there. Then I went, clocked out, wrote a note to everyone, and put it up in the department. Then I left. Oy, what a day.

I have to call Sandra in the morning cause she forgot to give me one of my school days off and also next Friday, which is graduation day, which I had requested off more than a month ago.

Considering a Wii : I just found out a Wii sequel to Tales of Symphonia is in development. It makes me really want a Wii! I wonder if that game can be played with the "Classic" controller (which I will probably get cause I don't understand the Nunchuk and the Wiimote at all). Plus it would be cool to get Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity when it comes out this fall.

Just checked Wikipedia for information on the new ToS game (called Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World). All the original main characters (except Kratos) return. (Kratos is the game's narrator, but he is not playable). The one cool thing is that the new protagonist, Emil, can capture monsters and have them fight alongside him in battle, which is similar to my DS game Rune Factory. Also the animation looks a lot different (just look at the picture of Lloyd on the right). One thing I would miss is that they replaced the "Field Map" idea with a point-with-the-Wiimote-to-where-you-want-to-go idea, which I don't like as much. But this idea is not totally new; in Pokemon Colosseum for GameCube, you select a place from the map to go to, and after a cut scene showing you traveling, you're there.

Ok better get ready for bed. I already didn't get much sleep last night. Good night!

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