Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First post from the new computer!

This is officially my FIRST post to this blog from my new computer. I am SOOO excited.

My computer arrived yesterday while I was at school, and I spent most of last night setting it up. Right now I am importing music into iTunes, since iTunes couldn't retrieve my old library. At least I saved my purchases from my old library to my iPod off my old computer, so I have something to listen to.

Here's a link to a picture of more or less what the computer looks like from the back (I can't find a good pic of what it looks like open from the front):

Fortunately my computer seems to be able to read the CD's I had sitting on my desk that I was meaning to import, which includes the audio CD's from my old French book and from my World Music book. So I should have some interesting music for starters.

I kinda hope I don't have to have anything read by tomorrow for class, because the classes I supposedly had homework in this week I don't have the books for yet. I think we are watching a film in History tomorrow so I should be ok there. Not sure about my Bio class in the morning.

I have four books left to get; two are novels, and two are textbooks. One is the main text for my history class, which I almost ordered only to discover that the cheapest offers for it were for books that were in really bad shape. The other textbook is Mexican Village and Other Works, which along with the novel So Far From God, I need for my Lit class. The other novel I need is The Wretched of the Earth for history class. I mainly need the two textbooks right now; I have some time to get the others (we're not reading So Far From God till the end of September, and we're doing The Wretched of the Earth even later, toward the end of the semester).

The only problem is the two books I need now aren't super cheap. Like $26 for one and $29 for the other. Yikes. What am I to do? I can't order them. And the prices for ordering them are about the same anyway. Grr.

The Lit book is of "Mexican Village and other works" but we are only reading "Mexican Village" as the teacher couldn't fit the other stuff into the curriculum. This work is in the library so maybe in a pinch I can photocopy the chapter (if it's not too long).

Somehow I'll find a way. I will. I suppose I could call the "used bookstore" across the street (a sort of secret place to get your books cheaper that the regular school bookstore doesn't want you to know about) and see how much individually those two books are and see if the price is better. That might help.

Oy I just downloaded the syllabi for my French class and Science class, and I don't know where they saved to.

I'm getting kinda tired so I'm going to go soon, but one more thing first: I thought about the website dilemma today at work. I had one idea, after talking to Laura (my coworker) about foreign movies. I could do a site about history and mythology in books and films (probably Asian history/mythology, since I was talking to Laura about Chinese films at the time). I know this sort of site works because of a similar site I have gone to a few times called "Anime-Myth," which lists and explains mythological references in anime and manga. I am not sure in what form the content will be -- a sort of encyclopedia or more like essays. The essay route sounds too academic, but the encyclopedia would be harder to code. Besides, regular people are into analytical essays -- Scribbulus (an essay project from The Leaky Cauldron) is proof. Also, I am pretty good at essays. It also has potential to grow over time (which was my main concern). I can think of a few topics right now. For instance I could do an essay on "Reincarnation's Significance in Om Shanti Om" (a Bollywood movie). Or "The Cultural Revolution and The Road Home" (a Chinese film). I suppose I could also include anime films, since some of them have such references (and I haven't seen a live-action Japanese film yet).

After a while, I might buy a domain and attach to it that site, my Pokemon site, and my personal site; for now, I want to see how stuff goes.

Well I'm pretty tired and I have school tomorrow. Good night!

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