Sunday, May 17, 2009

OMG I can't believe that this happened!!

When I went to get ready to go to church today, I wasn't sure where my iPod was. Finally, I found it in the pocket of my jeans. It looked like the backlight was on. No problem, I thought. Sometimes the buttons get pushed in my pocket when I don't lock them. But then there was more.

A dark spot with a tiny spider crack in it, with a dark blotchy line running from it, all of this under the glass.

Having seen this before (including with my laptop), I knew exactly what was wrong. My iPod screen had cracked. How exactly, I don't know. But it did. It apparently happened sometime between when I turned my iPod off last night about 7:30 p.m. so I could watch my fully-downloaded torrent of Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero Lucario (the Japanese version of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew) and this morning.

I tried plugging my iPod into my laptop in hopes that I could restore it, but it didn't pop up in iTunes or as a drive on my computer (as it does sometimes). I did a diagnostic through iTunes and it said my iPod was not found.

I can't get it fixed cause it's been more than a year since I bought this iPod, meaning my warranty with Apple has run out.

So the verdict is: MY IPOD IS BROKEN!!!

I can't believe this happened!!

I have figured out that all that can be done is to buy a new iPod. After all, iTunes still works, and I want to still be able to listen to my podcasts, if anything (especially since I listen to my church's sermons as podcasts for the days I miss church because of work). I don't like the new Nanos that much. I may get an iPod Touch, since I keep saying that I want to be able to have apps, and I don't need an iPhone because I have a perfectly good cell phone. I have enough money in my checking account to buy a new iPod (and I just got paid on Friday too, come to think of it). I will buy some sort of case for it that covers the screen or some sort of screen protector so that this screen thing doesn't happen again.

A friend of mine from the bus has a Zune, iPod's direct competitor, so maybe I'll look into that too. Not sure though.

I'm going to eat lunch now, since I have to be at work at 5. Just thought I'd report that.

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