Thursday, July 09, 2009

Financial aid dilemma, summer class, mom hit by lightning video

I have a financial aid dilemma. I just found out that because I'm not enrolled in 6 units, my financial aid didn't pay out. That means I will probably have to pay it myself, and I don't have the money. I suppose I could enroll in another class to make my enrollment 6 units, but I checked and it doesn't look like there are classes that would fit my schedule.

My summer class started today. It looks like it will be interesting. It's about how sacred texts (primarily Muslim texts in this class) affect peoples' daily lives, about the development of our beliefs about Islam, and how Islam compares to Judaism and Christianity.

I had some other mishaps today. I got to the school Sprinter station only to remember that the school shuttle from the station doesn't run between 10:30-11:00 because the driver goes to lunch then, and had to wait for it. I went to the on-campus Starbucks to get a pastry, and all they had were everything bagels with cream cheese, so I got a small pack of shortbread cookies that for some reason weren't in their system (so they had to charge me for a banana). Then my soda exploded on me in class, getting all over my jeans.

On a less selfish note, check out this news video about a son who saved his mother from being struck by lightning -- in her kitchen!

Bye for now.

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