Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sci-Fi anthology & other catching up

Boy I haven't posted in a while. I don't think much happened since last post. (I'm writing this on my iPod with no wi-fi so I have no way of checking when my last post was). I did turn 25. That was big, I guess. I got presents from my parents -- a jean jacket among them. My brother is bringing his present when he comes home for Thanksgiving next week.

School is almost over. I don't have school next week because of the holiday and furloughs coinciding with it. The last few weeks of the semester are hard though, because that's when all the projects & papers are due or coming up. I have three papers -- one for Lit Theory due finals week, one for French due next week, and one for History, due December 7. I also have a French group presentation this week, a History group presentation due next weekend, and the all-class Press Publishing Project 4 to do. So much! (Plus our Press Publishing class might be further delayed, since Professor Doller just e-mailed us yesterday to say she'd caught swine flu!)

There are also myriad other tasks -- my Dark Mercury Arc Fandub Project, my solo fandubs, others' fandubs I have to send lines for, website stuff, keeping up with my social media and forums, and the novel I'm currently working on. Not to mention work. I've been moved back to Santa Fe after a couple days where I was late because of the bus. At least it's closer to my house, and I don't have to deal with that extra half hour I had to kill every time so I wouldn't be too early at the Escondido store.

Ok I have wi-fi now. Apparently, I last posted on October 25, almost a month ago. Sheesh.

I downloaded a bunch of new Pokemon music last night. This included some newer songs like the current Japanese opening, "High Touch!" (a remix of which, called "High Touch! 2009," was used as the opening song for the most recent Pokemon movie, similar to how "Together2007," a remix of "Together," the first Diamond and Pearl opening, was used in the Darkrai movie) and a Latino Spanish version of "Two Perfect Girls," Brock's song from Totally Pokemon. Both of them are pretty cool (the Brock one is particularly hilarious; you can hear a bit of it here).

"High Touch!" is a duet between Satoshi (Ash) and Hikari (Dawn). This is the first time we've heard Dawn's Japanese seiyuu sing, since unlike with "I Won't Lose! ~Haruka's Theme~" (which was sung by Haruka/May's seiyuu, KAORI), Dawn's theme ("By Your Side ~Hikari's Theme~") wasn't sung by her seiyuu (it was sung by Grin). It's odd to hear her newcomer voice along with the all-too-familiar voice of Rika Matsumoto, Satoshi's seiyuu (who has sung most of the opening songs for Pokemon to date), but they do work well together. The movie 13 version ("High Touch! 2009") is almost the same except it's even more upbeat and pop-like. You can hear the full version of "High Touch!" in this video, which even has English subtitles! Come to think of it, PearlShippers (those who favor the AshxDawn couple) will love this song; if you read the subs in that video, the lyrics sound very Pearlshippy.

Well I don't want to waste my iPod battery, so I'll stop here. I'll post about the anthology later tonight. Bye!

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