Sunday, April 04, 2010

Long time no update again

Happy Easter everyone! Wow I haven't updated in quite some time yet again. I guess because recently when anything worth blogging about comes up, I end up actually talking about it to real people rather than blogging. A good sign? I don't know.

First, to update on my last post, my domain issues got resolved finally, and the domains have been transferred. Myu Corner is up now and Sparkle Moon will be up in probably not too long - though with the home stretch of the semester starting this coming week (now that spring break's ends today) I might put it off till summer.

I haven't bought the Sakura Wars game or the Tatsunoko vs Capcom game. I tried to pre-order the Sakura Wars one to get the artbook, but it wouldn't go through, and I'm not sure whether I still want the Tatsunoko vs Capcom game. I haven't worked on my writing site. I haven't played Tales of Symphonia, though I've had the time. Particularly during this spring break, I have been a lazy bum, sitting at home not doing very much. I have all this homework to do today and tomorrow because of how much of a slacker I was. On Tuesday and Thursday, my full days off, I sat at home all day, Monday afternoon and Friday afternoon and yesterday afternoon ditto. On Wednesday after work I went and saw How to Train Your Dragon in 3D - which was pretty cool - had lunch, and then came home. Actually, I had planned to try to go to the beach on Thursday, but the weather wasn't good that day.

Agenda for today: go to church (I actually have to leave in a few minutes for that), have a big Easter lunch/dinner, and then work on my Graphic Design class homework, which is due today by midnight. Then after that, probably work on more homework, like my story for Creative Writing class, my French assignment, or my document discussion for History. Or all three.

There was a bit in the paper today about how people lined up outside local Apple stores yesterday at 4 a.m. just to get an iPad. That is insane. I'm not sure I want one. I don't really need it, and it's expensive. I just Googled to see if it comes with a stylus (slate-style tablet PCs, which is what the iPad basically is, usually do) and apparently it does not. However, third-party company Pogo is releasing styluses for it. That just makes sense; there's no way you could write anything long using just the oversized iPhone keyboard the iPad has. One article I read said that Steve Jobs does not like styluses, so I don't see any ones coming out from Apple any time soon, but sooner or later they probably will release them because I bet you anything people will want them after a while. On the other hand, Apple seems perfectly fine with people buying third-party accessories for their products (like the PowerBlock thing I bought that lets you charge your iPod touch via an outlet, which can be very convenient). So they might just let the third-party people like Pogo cover that market. As for me getting an iPad, I will probably hold out to see what apps come out for it and whether it goes down in price (as the iPhone has done). That's the same way I feel about e-readers; they're so expensive and I don't know if I need one. Plus I'm not sure what the differences are between the Kindle, the Nook (Barnes and Noble's e-reader), and the Sony e-reader. If I could get my textbooks on it, that would be awesome; but then again there's something about having a real book in your hands that's just not the same with an e-reader.

Okay I should go. More later maybe.

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