Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A little stressed

Well, as the title says, I'm a little stressed. I'm mainly having issues enrolling in classes for fall because at first I couldn't enroll period, even though I should've been able to, and now that I can enroll, classes I thought were being offered are disappearing off the list online. What the heck is going on?!

Fortunately, my homework is mostly winding down as the semester is. I have projects to do as finals for three of my classes - my Creative Writing Workshop class and my two MiraCosta classes. For French I have a written final, for History it's a take-home essay final. So my French class is the only one where I have to actually show up to take a test.

So far so good...But I just realized today that the CWCW poetry slam is this Thursday (as in two days from today) and I've more or less told the girl organizing it that I would come, but I haven't told my parents because I didn't realize it was so soon, and in order for me to go they'd have to pick me up afterwards. I also found out the induction ceremony for Sigma Tau Delta is on Friday, and I'm not sure I'll be able to make it due to my work schedule. Just checked. I get off at 7, and the thing starts at 7. The e-mail that was forwarded to me today said everyone HAS to be there. Crud. I wish I'd gotten this information sooner. What am I going to do? The only way I can go is if I get there late, which I hate to do. I can't really change shifts on such short notice. I wish they'd had a more definite date sooner so I would've known. This is yet another example of how my life would be better if I had a car and could drive myself places. I so need to work on that. It's getting ridiculous. And what the heck am I going to wear to the ceremony? I thought I had more time to decide that. Whatever I wear, I'm going to have to bring it to work with me if I go.

I haven't done any work on the websites, though I did go through my various bookmarked articles and sites on writing and stuff to narrow it down to just what I need. I also took notes today from a book (albeit a 10-year-old book) on web usability. I also got some advice from someone on the writers' forum I'm a part of. Hopefully I can do something with that.

I feel like a ball of nervous energy. Maybe that can of Coke I drank had too much caffeine in it. But I also feel a little malaise, like I don't want to do much. I could work on my projects, but I don't feel like it. Or I guess I could just relax, but I don't want to be lazy. I think this enrollment thing is driving me crazy. Not to mention the two big events I just realized are happening this week. I basically need to chill. God willing, this will all work out. Hopefully, I can get through the next couple weeks and then it will be summer break.

I think I may go get my Sunset  magazine and read for a bit. I need some time away from the computer screen anyway.

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