Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Back in school

So school has started again; this is the second week. I managed to get into Cultural Studies, which I need to graduate but was unable to enroll in pre-semester because it filled up in the first week of registration. The bad news is that the focus of the class changes depending on the specialty of whoever is teaching it, and because I have Dr. Breuer, whose specialty is feminism and LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual) studies, the focus is feminism. Not exactly my cup of tea. I would've done better with Dr. Moukhlis (postcolonial studies) or Dr. Stoddard-Holmes (disability and cultural studies). It doesn't help that Dr. Wilson, my teacher for "The Writing Process" (the one elective I need), also appears to be a feminist. That class isn't specifically about feminism though, and actually looks like it'll be really good for developing my writing.

I'm also continuing my web design certificate, after being unable to take any classes for it last fall due to not having money for it. I got into a class in Flash and am trying to get into a Photoshop class. I got waitlisted for both, and I'm still waitlisted for the Photoshop class (I was fortunate enough to get sent a permission code for the Flash class before school started). I realized that last night I forgot to do my Flash assignment for today last night -- in fact, I don't even have the program yet. So I tried to buy it really quick before work this morning, only to find out that I had to verify my PayPal account before I could do anything with it, because my account got randomly selected (I think) to be checked to ensure no one had used my account fraudulently. It's just so stupid. Thank goodness I only have to create a short animation for this exercise (5 seconds long, I think), because I switched to an early morning shift for tomorrow because of school, so I can't stay up very late (I get off at 8 tonight). But I have to do reading blog comments for Cultural Studies too (though we only have to do 10, so if I have to I can skip this week). *Sigh* I wish I got off earlier today. At least I don't need to add an extra half hour to a shift (to make up for switching from a 5 1/2 hour shift tomorrow to a 5-hour one) because I had to work some overtime on Monday because I had to close bakery because the girl who was supposed to close, Christina, got burned when a rack of hot bread tipped over on her (it didn't totally fall over; it just tipped).

Other than that, school seems to be going ok so far. But it's still the beginning.

I haven't done the work on my websites that I've planned, though I made to-do lists for all my current sites. I also need to renew the hosting plans for Myu Corner and Sparkle Moon, unless I decide I want to host them elsewhere. I think I may stick with GoDaddy though, for now.

We have to do three writing projects for my Writing Process class (at least I think you have to do 3 for the A contract; like Dr. Breuer, Dr. Wilson uses contract grading), and it was mentioned that we can do blog posts for a fictional character. It got me thinking about whether I should make my Ayeka-POV blog idea (as a resurrect of my old shrine to Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo) one of my projects. I suppose I could propose it and see. We can do copyrighted characters for that; Dr. Wilson mentioned that someone had done a Twilight-related Twitter project for one of her previous classes. So I guess I can try!

I asked for advice from the Miss Dream staff about how to approach my anime/manga guide site. Both MarioKnight (a contributing staffer) and Elly-san said a wiki-style site would be best. Now I just need to find good wiki software and figure out how to set up the site and (perhaps more importantly) promote it.

I've gotta go to work soon, so I should go. I'll write more later (perhaps when I am both less stressed and more coherent). Bye for now!

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