Sunday, July 08, 2012

[FANMADE] New Sailor Moon Anime Opening

Big news Sailor Moon fans!! There was a big Sailor Moon event on July 6th in Japan to coincide with the Japan Expo going on in Paris this last weekend (through today) and the series' 20th anniversary. And in promoting the event, a big announcement was promised.

And the big announcement is....A NEW SAILOR MOON ANIME!! Not a continuation or a film, but a full-on reboot of the series! Animation quality in Japan has improved dramatically since 1992 when the show first aired, so I'm expecting big things from this new show. You can visit this page at to get all the scoop on what's confirmed, what's still speculation, and all that good stuff:

One of the things that is confirmed is that Momoiro Clover Z, a popular girl j-pop group, will sing the series' opening theme (and I think the closing theme too). What song that will be is not 100% confirmed, but many think it will be "Z Otome Senso," one of their new singles that was just released last week (the single's B-side is "PUSH," which seems to be Olympics-related based on the music video; the single also features their song "Mite Mite Kochi Kochi," which is being used as the latest closing theme for Pokémon Best Wishes [known as Pokémon Black & White in the U.S.] in Japan. So I made a little fanmade Sailor Moon opening featuring "Z Otome Senso," which you can view above. Please enjoy it!

Here are videos of those other singles of Momoiro Clover Z that I mentioned:


Mite Mite Kochi Kochi:

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