Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Instagrams

I have created two new Instagram accounts this weekend, meaning I now have six - my personal, a multifandom account, and four RP accounts. I know. I am insane. In retrospect I probably could've combined Alys and Darren into one account. Too late for that now. Eh well.

My new accounts are:

-thelinguist_rp: The RP account for an OC Time Lord character whose story I've been working on for a couple months now. I finally got enough of the backup work done to feel good about opening the account. Already getting RPs in from an account for Romana (timeladyromana); need to figure out how to respond to those. (My character is a school friend of Romana's).

-mundane_elvish_timelord: My multifandom account. The name is a combo of three fandoms I am a part of: The Mortal Instruments (non-Shadowhunters are called Mundanes), Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who. Basically this is an account for me to run rampant and be all geeky about my various fandoms without worrying about filling the account with a bunch of useless, unrelated junk. It frees up my companion_alys account, where my Whovian fandom stuff was mostly getting posted, to be the RP account it was always meant to be. Ditto with my other RP accounts (companion_darren and mulan_ouat [a Once Upon a Time RP account]), though I've done much better with those in terms of only RPing. It is intended to cover as many fandoms as possible - I have listed Wholock (a combo fandom for Doctor Who and Sherlock), Lord of the Rings, anime/manga, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, Star Wars, Tron, Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra (which for some disturbing reason has the fan nickname "Avatard"), and The Mortal Instruments, my newest fandom (I started reading the first novel toward the end of our time in Maui, which was about a month ago). But I also include "+ many more" at the end to cover my bases.

Anyway, check those out!!

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