Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I have been playing some Final Fantasy Tactics Advance once again, after not playing it for a while due to mounting schoolwork and my new Game Cube game, Tales of Symphonia.

I have done quite a bit of dismissing and upgrading to my team. Here are my people, their races, and their jobs, if I can remember them all.

-Marche: Human, Paladin
-Montblanc: Moogle, Time Mage
-Sis: Viera, Red Mage (I'm going to upgrade her to Elementalist once she masters Doublecast)
-Brish: Nu Mou, White Mage
-Hilary: Viera, Red Mage
-Mareen: Viera, Sniper
-Joseph: Human, Archer (I will probably upgrade him to a Hunter soon)
-Rodrigo: Human, White Mage (I may dismiss him because I mainly use Brish and Madeline)
-Madeline: Viera, White Mage
-Peet: Bangaa, Bishop
-Nol: Human, Ninja
-Higgins: Human, Black Mage
-Travis: Bangaa, Warrior
-Roland: Human, Fighter

I think that's all of them.

The game is kind of hard sometimes. I fought a clan which had a Viera White Mage with some Summoner abilities, or what looked like Summoner abilities anyway (they may have been Elementalist abilities). It was scary.

I want to upgrade Higgins to an Illusionist but he needs to learn 3 Warrior abilities to do that, and when I bought a sword with a Warrior attack, the game wouldn't let me equip it to him. Maybe cause Warrior is a Bangaa job.

Most magic doesn't take that long to learn (just yesterday Hilary mastered Cure even though she hasn't used it that much). But Sis is taking forever to learn Doublecast, and until she masters it, I can't upgrade her because she'll lose her weapon. It is a pretty useful attack, especially when you can use your first spell to attack somebody and the second to heal yourself or your other teammates.'s getting late. I need to get dressed.

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