Friday, May 04, 2007

Work changes, they finally fessed up!, appointment at Drake Institute, and other updates

A couple weeks ago, I got so stressed at work I had a breakdown. I really hate when I do this cause it is very unprofessional behavior. So I took my break so that I could calm down, at my co-worker Aja's suggestion. Then Marta (one of the managers, well actually a key carrier) came and asked me if I wanted to talk, which I was a little afraid about because usually when you go into an authority figure's office to talk, they chew you out. Plus, I had just been crying and that is a very unprofessional way to look in front of a manager. But it worked out cause I was able to tell them how working the late shifts I had been working (2pm-11pm or even 3pm-MIDNIGHT!!) had been not working out too well for my parents, who have to pick me up cause I can't take the bus that late and I don't have a car. They said they would look into it.

Initially, I thought I might end up just with earlier hours in the deli. Then Marta said (when I went with her into the office to get a band-aid on my lunch break one day) that she needed day Courtesy Clerks (a fancy name for baggers). If I did that, I'd be working 7-4 or 8-5. I said I'd think about it, then talked to Mum and Papa about it, and they said to go for it. So I wrote Marta a note (since she wasn't there when I got to work) telling her I'd do it. When I came to work the next day (my day off) to get my check so I could take it to the bank, Diana (the store manager) and Marta told me they were going to try me out in the bakery. I'm fine with that, since I did bakery for a little bit at the other Stater Bros., but it was a surprise.

So this week was my first week there, and it's ok, but I'm basically doing breakout all day, and it takes me half the day to do, which is not good. I should be faster. But then they only showed me how to breakout French bread at the other Stater Bros. (Toya showed me) so I didn't know how to do the other stuff (plus I pretty much always closed in the bakery over there). Oh well, hopefully I'll get better with time. The people who have been "supervising" me with this though (Karen, the main baker, and Shelley, one of the other morning people) are rather bossy about it. The other people in the department are nice, though. There's Katie, the bakery manager, who is nice and rather gentle; Heather, the Bollywood video-loving, homosexual-supporting cake decorator; Elizabeth, who's nearly-6-months-pregnant and was suffering some kind of back pain the other day (likely as a result), but who has (according to her) not gained any weight from pregnancy (which I find odd); Sara, a Hispanic girl who usually closes (thus I don't see her much); and Joesph, the only guy in the department and another usual closer, and who seems to have a stutter.

The rest I'll do really quick cause I've decided I'm going to go out and get myself dinner, so I should leave soon before it gets dark.

  • A Confession: Remember how in my last post I was complaining about the MuggleCast "DH manuscript" joke and how they wouldn't confess that it was a joke? MuggleCast #87 (their April 15 podcast), when Andrew was (conveniently for them) unable to make the show, Laura and the others finally fessed up that the thing was a joke. I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. Laura did a great job hosting that show too.
  • Drake Institute Appointment: I had an appointment today with Mum and Papa at the Drake Institute to have a orientation about their treatment options so that maybe I can get diagnosis and treatment for my supposed Asperger's Syndrome. We had to watch a video for like an hour, and then we talked with a clinician. I was worried from the video that we didn't know much about what they did for the "autism spectrum" (which includes Asperger's), since the orientation video mainly focused on the Institute's work with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). We said we'd go home and talk about it before scheduling an evaluation (which, for me, would include diagnosis). They gave us a price list. Just getting what's called a "brainmap" (where they map out 19 spots in your brain and measure the brainwave cycle) is $625!! The whole treatment thing, with the evaluation and stuff, is like $7,000. Sheesh, tuition and room and board combined at a Cal State school is that much. For treatment, they use neurofeedback (basically the same as biofeedback) rather than medication (I don't know what medication they give you for Asperger's anyway; I know they use medications like Ritalin for ADD/ADHD). I don't know much about biofeedback, but it sounds interesting. I know it can help with stress, thanks to some paperwork from Health Services at school.
Okay, I'm gonna go now. Bye.

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