Monday, September 15, 2008

Research and such

I have an annotated bibliography due tomorrow for my Lit class, so today since I had the day off from work I went to the library. I found a bunch of books and also, using my laptop, found a bunch of journal articles. Also, on the way, I read the Luis Valdez play Zoot Suit, which the teacher said we'd be discussing tomorrow and which I had not yet read. It was easier to get through than Mexican Village for sure.

I also got a book on Islam in Africa for my history term paper, and there's some other books I need to get too. I think I have to request some from the circuit.

Today in the lobby area of the second floor of the library, I was leaving my stuff to go search for something upstairs when I saw a familiar sight: a DS with Pokemon on it. A guy was sitting there playing it. I asked him about it and found out he was playing Diamond. Sweet, I found someone who plays that game.

Speaking of which, I decided to train a new team. Not with any theme or anything (though that would be fun to do, and I may do it eventually), just some new Pokemon. So I got some of the Pokemon out of my Boxes that were lower level so I could train them. I was going to use either my Volbeat or Illumise (I managed to catch both in the Survival Area, even though Illumise is rare in Pearl) but then realized I needed a Pokemon that could learn Fly. So I had to substitute my recently-caught Spearow. I also went to Eterna City and changed the names of the Pokemon that didn't already have nicknames (except my Abra, which I got in an in-game trade and thus can't change the name of). My team now is: Tweety the Spearow (as in Tweety Bird; I know, lame name, but I couldn't think of anything else), Lucky the Chansey (after Chansey's Japanese name Rakki/Lucky), Mare the Azumarill (Mare being short for Marill), Kazza the Abra, Pachie the Pachirisu, and Bunny the Buneary. Since only Bunny, Pachie, and Mare are decent levels (in late 20's to early 30's in level), the other Pokemon get KO'd pretty quickly most of the time. The one exception is Lucky, because as we all know the Chansey family have really high HP (Lucky has 119 hit points already and it's at level EIGHTEEN).

Sorry I got sidetracked for a while. I better start getting ready for bed, what with school tomorrow. Bye!

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