Thursday, October 02, 2008

School-related stuff, possible loss of health insurance

I can't believe it's October already! Time really flies! I mean, I already have midterms coming up. Though a couple were rescheduled, they're mostly all next week. Though I have to do a lot of studying this weekend, next week with all the tests there won't be new reading assigned, allowing me to catch up if I need to, since I have been struggling to keep up with the reading the whole time.

This morning, I finished reading Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, since we were going to discuss it in history class today, only to get to history class and find out that one other girl and I were the only people in class who finished the book. Thus, we watched a video instead that we would've normally watched next Tuesday.

Now I just have my Bio book to catch up with, and then I'll be in good shape.

My big task right now is my gargantuan Lit project, the first paper of which is due on the 14th. I spent a good portion of yesterday at the library finishing my photocopying of stuff from reference books. I've written notes from three books so far, which is progress but not quite enough progress. I want to try to get as many notes as I can now before I have to return the books.

Anyway, last post I promised stuff about the English workshop. It was a great workshop. It was at Palomar College and covered what careers were possible for people with a major in English, with a panel of real professionals. I took lots of notes, and I feel like I learned a lot. But now I need to decide what to do with this information. I haven't really had a chance to think that through.

I got a letter yesterday saying I was going to become ineligible for my health insurance (provided by my union) due to insufficient hours of work. Apparently, I already am ineligible, since my date of loss of eligibility was September 30th, but the letter didn't get to me till yesterday. Anyway, I need to talk to someone about this at work ASAP, cause I need health insurance. Plus, not having sufficient hours is not my fault. I don't do my own schedule. Sandra does it. And she knows I can work Monday and Wednesday as well (not just weekends), even with school. I appreciate if she wants to lighten my load at work due to me being in school (with all the photocopying I had to do, a day like yesterday which I could devote to that was very welcome), but not at the cost of my health insurance.

I am going to try to keep this job at the very least until the 2-year mark (next January) or through the end of my first year at CSUSM (next May). Then I can say I hit the 2-year mark at least, which looks good for my resume. Mainly though, I do need the insurance, which is the best health insurance I've ever heard of. (But then, I don't know much about health insurance). And that ties me to this job which I don't like much (or "je ne l'aime pas beaucoup" as I said in my French class one day when Prof. Anover asked about our weekends, and I said I had a so-so weekend because I had to work -- incorrectly stating this in present tense as Je dois travailler meaning "I have to work" or "I must work," when I meant past, which would be J'ai dû travailler -- correcting her use of the word détester, which means "to detest, to loathe, to hate" and is a rather strong verb, in reference to my situation).

Next week there's an event called "Extreme Makeover Resume Edition" where you can sign up to have your resume looked at for 15 minutes by employers. I'm going to give it a shot. It'd be nice to know why I sent resumes to all these places for office jobs and got no reply even when I followed up.

There are things I still need to take care at school: my Computer Competency Requirement Test and my Measles-Mumps-Rubella booster (I had the vaccine once already, when I was a little kid). I also probably need to make a formal appointment with academic advising, as they advised us transfers to do.

Okay I'm tired. Good night.

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