Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thoughts about web sites, insurance problem solution

I am trying to get back into doing websites, but I am often so busy with school or too tired to do much with it. Also, I really want to do a site that covers all my interests, but when I tried to plan this out, I realized I have a lot of interests, as I mentioned here. I still want to do a personal/writing site and the Misty's Piscine site. But as for history and mythology, as well as other animes, I am stuck. I started compiling a list of minor goddesses for a site on that, but I am not sure how to organize it. A Wiki-like site would be great, but it involves sharing the creation of content and I'd rather not do that. And as for history, I had thought to do something on a woman-related subject like footbinding in China, as well as a culture-related site on Japanese festivals. But I am not sure how to do this either. I will have to think about this. (I am watching the Presidential Debate right now so I am kind of distracted).

I found out what to do about the insurance. I have to fill out a Vacation Waiver to show that I went on vacation in August so I get credit for that week. Kinda dumb, I know. But oh well.

I'm going to go for right now and watch the Presidential Debate.

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