Saturday, June 19, 2010

Period & frustration

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My period started today. I always hate when it starts on a work day because I would much rather stay at home, since on my first day I feel very restless. Since I don't get debilitating cramps like some people -- just discomfort which a single ibuprofen can usually deal with -- I can't call in sick, and I am not one of those people who calls in sick when I'm not sick. Even if my allergies are bad and I'm all sneezy and sniffly, I go to work if I am scheduled. The only times I call in sick are if I have a fever or the stomach flu or something like that. (I do get the stomach flu sometimes, though very randomly. The last time it was really bad...but I'll spare you that story).

I have been feeling very restless lately. All I've wanted to do is use my laptop in mindless zombie mode (where I do nothing but mindlessly watch YouTube clips or scroll through forum posts without posting anything myself) or play my DS. I did get some writing done, and on my days off (Monday and Tuesday) I managed to go places -- to The Wave (a local waterpark) on Monday and to Balboa Park (a park in San Diego where they have lots of museums, gardens, and a zoo known worldwide for its pandas) on Tuesday. But the energy I had to work on my websites last week has gone bye-bye. All my workdays for the past two weeks I've come home tired but with somehow enough energy to stay up till midnight. I did manage to go to bed at 10 the night before last, but I was still tired. Where has my energy gone?

I also have decided to try learning to draw manga. I bought a sketchbook from work and got a couple books on drawing manga from the library to supplement the two I already have. I had an idea to do a story called "Enchanted Supermarket" about a supermarket whose employees all have magic powers. I was going to set it in Japan because it was manga and their supermarkets aren't that different from ours, but Elly from Miss Dream (who knows about the manga because I posted asking for help about what "enchanted" would be in Japanese) said she wouldn't mind seeing a American manga set in America that didn't try to be Japanese. That made me think that maybe I would set it in America after all. After all, I think Tomo (a Christian manga) is set in San Francisco. And the manga I got an omnibus of from Comic-Con last year, Amazing Agent Luna, was Western-set too (and by a Western author). I suppose I could look into some of the Rising Stars of Manga winners' work, like Peach Fuzz and Sorcerers and Secretaries.

I hope I can get over this malaise. It's driving me crazy. Maybe I need to exercise-- play Wii Fit, take a walk, or go swim in the neighborhood pool. I felt good after going to The Wave and to Balboa Park, and one involved swimming and the other a lot of walking. It might help.

Well bye for now. I'm going to read A Wizard of Earthsea, continue the adventures of Elise in my DS game My World, My Way, or talk to my coworker Adam while I wait for the bus to work.

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