Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Releasing nervous energy

I'm having another of those days where I have a lot of nervous energy that needs to be channeled in some way. I tried playing the seemingly endless game My World, My Way (whose initial storyline is 10 gameplay hours long -- the rest is basically a repeat of the initial storyline). I tried to work on my novel but drew a blank. I read more of Suite Scarlett, one of the books I got from the library. But it's not holding my interest, maybe because it reminds me a lot of The Devil Wears Prada, a book (and movie) that I didn't care that much for.

But then I haven't started work yet. Maybe once I do I'll calm down. I didn't really have time to chill this morning like I have had these last two weeks where I've had 1-6 shifts, because today was election day for the state primaries, so I got up early to go vote before work. Then, since it was still early, I went to school to pick up the books I requested over the Circuit (a library borrowing system that links the major local university libraries as well as the county library system in one big network, allowing you to request books from any of the libraries in the network). Then I sat down for a few moments and checked my e-mail and stuff on my iPod. Then I went to the computer lab to search the catalog for books on drawing, a skill I've decided to improve. This ended with me going to the San Marcos Library (one train stop away) and picking up two books on drawing manga, even though I actually own two books on this already.

Why do I want to learn to draw all the sudden? Probably to blow off steam about my disastrous Graphic Design class (where, despite the teacher thinking my final project seemed "half-done," I somehow managed to get a B). More likely, it's just because I'm bored. Since I'm not taking classes this summer, all I'm doing is working pretty much. And honestly, that gets boring after a while, even if I am only working 5-hour shifts right now. These 1-6 shifts aren't ideal, since that's right about the time whatever energy I had in the morning is ebbing away.

I had planned to work on my websites this summer, but I'm not as motivated to do that as I was. Maybe that's because I've been pretty tired lately.

I did put in to get the last weekend in June off to go camping with my family. Hopefully I'll get it and get a break, since my vacation (which I also put in for yesterday) isn't till the end of July. Plus I found out I get two weeks of vacation this year so I need to figure out what to do with the second week. Plus I'd like to get a hotel at least for the Comic-Con days, but it might be too late, and I can't afford the official ones. But it would be easier than taking the train up each day and having to get a ride back.

Ok I'm going to go. I've got to clock in in 15 minutes.

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