Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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I'm trying to determine whether I can get time off for a con I got a flyer for at Comic-Con. It's called Animé Los Angeles, and it happens from January 7-9 of next year. The timing is good because I won't be in school then, so I won't have to waste my allotted vacation time for the year by taking a whole week off. It's close enough for me to not have to fly. Plus for $40 registration (for the whole weekend!) plus a special deal of $109/night for the con hotel (the LAX Marriott), it's a steal. But my fear is that this weekend falls within the blacked-out holiday week for New Year's. If it does, I can't request the time off.

Anyway, according to the flyer, there are several cosplay-related things going on (including the usual masquerade). So this has gotten me thinking about cosplay. I have never cosplayed before. I don't think I have the time (or money, for that matter) to commission a costume from one of the many online cosplay costume makers. I wish there was still that costume shop in Vista that I rented costumes from a few times; it closed down though. I might be able to get some pieces cheap when Halloween comes along, I guess. Like a wig. I was reading this "Beginner's Guide to Cosplay" by the girl who runs the Team Rocket fansite and she gets pieces from thrift stores and stuff. I think they warned against this in the discussion of cosplay on the Miss Dream podcast (#9 I think). But I would rather not spend a ton of money, especially because of my recent money scare.

I have long considered cosplaying as Sailor Jupiter, since I somewhat physically resemble her. But she's not my favorite Sailor Senshi or anything. Other possibilities I've thought of are Angel Lily (my favorite character from Wedding Peach) and a Pokémon Ranger. The last of these appeals to me most, though I'm not quite sure how to pull it off. I could carry my plush Piplup with me (since Piplup is a possible Partner Pokémon as of Shadows of Almia) and I wouldn't need Pokéballs since Rangers don't carry them. The hair would be problematic; both female player characters in the first two Ranger games (I don't know about the current one) have those spiky ponytails on top of their heads, kinda like Misty does (except Misty only has one, and these girls have two). I guess it could be done with ponytail holders (of which I have plenty, since I have to put my hair up for work) along with LOTS of pomade or some bobby pins to keep them up. Probably pomade (or spiking gel in this case). They have a "cosplay emergency station" at this con, so in the event my hair gets messed up, I can go there to get someone much more skilled in hairdressing than I to fix it. I might need to carry around whatever reference picture I use for my costume (if, hypothetically, I were to wear this costume) just in case so I can show whoever's fixing my hair/wig what I need to be looking like.

I am very glad they will have free snacks and drinks at this con. It will save me money at least. I wonder what the dealers' room will be like.

Gah I shouldn't be thinking this right now! I don't even know if for sure I am going yet!

Money is another issue. I will probably be able to afford to go provided I don't have a money crisis between now and then and I don't have to pay payments on this stupid tuition plan I signed up for to buy me time till I get packaged for my financial aid. (I'm still waiting for confirmation that said packaging has occurred). But I will definitely have to watch my spending and make sure I have money in savings just in case since my bank charges high overdraft fees. (To anyone just starting to have your own bank account: if your bank offers overdraft protection and you even think for a minute that you might need it, TAKE IT. It comes in handy).

On the website front, things are going slow. I was late on both Song of the Week and the site updates roundup this week for Myu Corner, for example. I did work on my clip list for Liquid Mercury, my old Sailor Mercury fansite I'm going to revive. I also transferred some old Mercury pictures (including a ton of scans) from a CD I had with a copy of an old folder on it to my laptop. Other than this, nothing. I think my fervor is not what it once was. Then again, I've been working really early shifts for the last month. So I'm probably really tired.

I hope my hours change soon because school starts on the 30th, and I have to take night classes this semester to get the classes I need. Plus Mum has made it clear that she doesn't want to have to take me to work early after having to pick me up from school the night before. So I'll have to work on that.

That's all I can think of to write about. Goodbye for now!

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