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Not Much of a Collection

When I did a search to see if I could find a certain shitajiki (pencil board) from SeraMyu that I liked, I came across this LiveJournal post where the writer of the post shows off her Sailor Moon collection. It's massive. I wish I had even half of the stuff she has. I wonder if my friend and fellow Miss Dream staffer Ruth knows this girl has all three of the videos that came with the SeraMyu wig toys (I know she's said she only has one).

In light of this post, I thought I'd post about my Sailor Moon collection, or rather my entire anime collection, since that is pretty small in itself. I'm a bit too tired to take pictures of them all right now (I got very little sleep last night) so I'll just add pictures I have taken before along with some internet pics for now.

My Sailor Moon Collection

Sailor Moon Moon Cycle Toy


[picture from internet]

This is a toy made of the flying moon-shaped vehicles seen in the infamous "Saban Moon" trailer (which is misnamed; it was actually made by Toon Masters, not Saban Entertainment as previously thought), created by a competitor of DiC Entertainment for the rights to dub the Sailor Moon anime into English. While Toon Masters did not get the rights, toys were still made of these cycles. It's a pretty rare toy now (I was surprised to even find it on Amazon, and I don't think they had that many of them). I got this by trading this poster to my friend Elly Winters (of Miss Dream) for it. Though I'm way too old for toys, I liked the Moon Cycles so much in the trailer that I wanted to get this anyway. It's made for the 6" dolls, so I'm planning to get such a doll to display in it.

Codename wa Sailor V Manga - French version - All 3 Volumes


[picture is of volume 1, picture from internet]

I found these via a link from Crystal Tokyo, a Sailor Moon fan group that was among the first groups I joined on Facebook. (I got made an officer there even, since they let pretty much anyone who asks to be an officer be one; my character name is Furuhata Unazuki, for the sister of Motoki, the Game Center guy...she's not my favorite character but most of the characters in the series were taken already). I bought them for $13 a volume from Amazon Canada and had to actually go get them from the post office since no one was home to sign for them. They are very good quality paperbacks (with those cool jacket flaps they put on paperback books sometimes to make it look like they have a dust jacket like hardcover books do) and, as I can read French, I understand them just fine -- which is good, since French is the only non-Asian language in which this manga is officially available.

Sailor Mercury keychain


I put my one key on this, since the previous keychain I was using (one of the 1-Up mushroom from Mario) was getting pretty beat up. I bought this keychain at a booth at Comic-Con this year. It reminds me of a similar keychain I had a long time ago of Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo.

Sailor Moon S bag/pencil holder?


Even the vendor was not entirely sure what this is. If anyone can tell me, let me know! At any rate, I thought it was pretty cool; I like the S season a lot, maybe cause it's the only one I've seen in full. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet; it's just sitting on my desk at the moment.

Sailor Moon trading cards


I used to collect these a lot more than I do now, as well as the Collectible Card Game cards, which I've ended up with a few of from the packs of trading cards I've bought recently. I first bought some more - after having not had them for a while - at Comic-Con this year; then when I was at the mall not too long ago, I bought a couple more packs from a store called Comics n' Stuff.

Sailor Moon 12" Plush Doll


I bought this from a booth at the county fair this year for a wopping $18. It's a cute doll. I kept the tag as well, which has a cool picture on it.

Sailor Mercury Banpresto 10th Anniversary UFO Catcher Plush Doll


[picture from internet]

I'm not sure of the actual height of this one, but it's smaller than the doll above. I got this for $10 at my very first Comic-Con, Comic-Con 2001. Thus, it is one of my first Sailor Moon finds. According to this site, this doll is very rare and was never sold in stores, which seems odd to me considering I bought it from a Comic-Con vendor.

Meet Sailor Moon: Crystal book


[picture from the internet since there's no point in taking a picture of a book]

This is the English version of one of the five senshi guides released in Japan for each Inner Senshi. This one is devoted to Sailor Moon. I got this from my best friend when I bought a bunch of her anime stuff off her. I also used to own the Mercury book from this five-book set (Meet Sailor Mercury: Ice) but I lost it.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Photo Album


I'm not sure how official this is, as it was made in Korea. Still, it's a pretty nice photo album, which I got from my best friend for my birthday. It features pockets inside both covers for loose things, and many photo pages, decorated with pictures of the senshi next to each pocket - Sailors Moon and Chibimoon on one side and Mercury and Venus on the facing page (or next page, as it may be).

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Inner Senshi 6" Ruler


This is a ruler I got somewhere; I forget where now. It's a cute ruler that I admit I don't use that often (I like rulers, but I don't really use them) but like to look at. I know it's from Sailor Stars because Moon (third from left) is in her Eternal form.

Edit: Forgot this pin!

Sailor Moon Pin


I got this cute pin at the county fair, at the same booth where I bought the 12" doll.

(Sorry about the glare on the left; the ambient light wasn't great)
(And yes, I have a Let it Be poster)


So that's my Sailor Moon collection; it's not much of a collection compared to that other girl's.

I'll continue with a list of my other anime stuff - as well as my manga collection - later; right now, I need to go to bed so I'm rested for work tomorrow.
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