Saturday, June 07, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #147: Not What Was Advertised

Today's Video: "Door"

Discuss/Describe the last time you were disappointed by a decision. Talk about how you were expecting something to be on one side of an opportunity or decision, and discovered it was not as advertised.

When I got my current job I thought it was going to be great. After all, it was union, had health benefits, and most of all, had come around after I and others had been praying for me to get a job, ANY job. So I figured God wanted me there, since things had worked out so well.

But the job hasn't been great. Sure, it was union and had great health benefits and was close to my house. But I took a bit of a pay cut from my previous job at first, it's been stressful, I've been moved around to different stores, and I am way overqualified for the job. And now I am in a rut, where I feel like I should move on but I can't push myself to do it, mainly cause I'm not sure where to go from here. Other than that I want a more career-like job (I'm out of college now, after all) and one I actually like (after 10 years of paying my dues, I think I've earned that...although knowing me, even at a job I like I'll find something to complain about...I did working at a bookstore, for goodness sake, and I love books...although to be honest I didn't complain nearly as much as I do now. My main issue was with this one strict manager I had who I didn't always get along with). Maybe something in an office? I am qualified for that. (As long as it's not like The Office ha ha). I have considered being a publishing assistant, and the idea of technical writing has come up, although I have no training in that regard. (They had a class in it at Cal State, but I took a different class in that category instead). It's something I need to think about.

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