Monday, August 15, 2005

Literally on the brink of the end

Well after playing following my break last night, I am at the brink of the end. I could actually go fight Mithos right now if I wanted, but he'd probably pummel my party right now, plus a bunch of sidequests are now open, including the one where you visit Niflheim, the Underworld, a.k.a. "Forbidden Anamenesis." I'm going to try my luck there considering I printed out a guide just for it. I also want Amy to help me with the Uncle Game and Red Light/Green Light since I've been doing really badly at those sidequests. I'll x out the maid costume sidequests since Zelos is gone...that's the only Zelos-required sidequest I didn't do (well, one online walkthrough said you need Zelos for that, but the player's guide doesn't). I am going to try my luck at the Meltokio Coliseum too, again. Maybe try to get the larger Sewer Rat on my Monster List. And I need to rebuild Luin to level 10 at least to complete the "Lousy Impostors" sidequest and earn Colette's "Dog Lover" title. Plus I need to do all the "after finding Derris Emblem" sidequests, including fighting the last Summon Spirit, Maxwell.

Since I did costume change quests, now pretty much everyone has some kind of costume that they are seen in during battle. Right now I have Lloyd and Genis in formal clothes, Raine in her Shrine Maiden outfit, and Sheena in her "Next Chief of Mizuho" outfit. Plus Regal, Presea, and Colette got formal outfits, and Raine, Genis, Colette and Lloyd got swimsuits. Presea also has a Klonoa outfit (named for a video game character from another series of games by Namco, the Klonoa series). The original Klonoa looked like this:

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Anyway that's really all. Later.

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