Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tired, confused, and stuff

I am soooo tired. I'm not even sure why I am writing in this if I'm so tired. I should probably take a nap or something. But I just need to vent about a couple things.

I finally got around to practicing piano at home again. I tried to do as much review as possible, and also do the new stuff, but it all didn't sound that good. I stopped to ask God to help and then went on. Finally, I just couldn't do it anymore. Maybe cause I'm tired, I don't know. It's just as well. I have history homework due tomorrow. I have to do reading and find some websites. Joy. Usually I get my history homework done early, during the week it's assigned, and don't wait till the weekend.

I'm worried. I'm not usually a slacker. Seriously. College has had a bad effect on me, I think, in that it has caused me to procrastinate and slack off, things I used to almost never do in high school. I also tend to stay up late more often and get less sleep. I also drink soda way more than I used to, and eat out way more than I used to.

I spent a good part of Friday and yesterday working on my room. On Friday, I cleaned pretty much everything except the closet. Yesterday I worked from around 11am to around 6pm, with a break for lunch, cleaning off the floor of my closet, going through the clothes in my closet and both my chests of drawers, and going through the boxes sitting on my closet shelf to see if I really needed to keep all that stuff. I went from 6 boxes to 2, pretty much emptied out my tall dresser and my closet of clothes, and totally emptied my short chest of drawers of clothes, since I don't wear anything out of there. Mum went through the bags of clothes yesterday (and I think a little today too cause I saw her today with one of my old Halloween costumes, which I had bagged) and I think she's going to take most of them to the homeless mission she volunteers at. Good riddance, I guess. Less is more. Of course now I have only a few pairs of pants that fit and no shorts at all, except for a couple pairs that we bought for me to wear over my swimsuit. But oh well.

Part of the reason I'm so tired is probably cause of all the work I did yesterday and also cause I walked 4 miles today, to and from Madison Middle School for church. Strangely, the sermon was about worry, which is exactly what's been on my mind lately. In fact, I've been eating a lot of toast lately...which means I'm probably depressed (carbs help calm you down), or maybe it's just menstrual (I'm just ending my period).

Maybe I won't nap. I mean, I have enough concentration to type all this, right? I guess I could just lie on my bed and read. If I was really truly tired, I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open, likely.

Some good stuff is happening, though, I guess. These two movies I really liked in the theater came out on DVD (Just Like Heaven and Elizabethtown) and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire comes out on DVD in 9 days. Lenora seems to be in better moods the days I work with her. February is almost over, so hopefully I'll get my 4-day workweek back soon (I've been trying to be more sociable and be on my best behavior). I got through my first piano quiz and my first health test all right.

Tammy (a friend of mine who used to live here but then moved to Arkansas) sent me and some other people a link for a Brain Test. It tests whether you have a more male or more female brain. I landed somewhere in the middle. I wonder what that means...

I need a dose of funny-ness right now so I'm going to look in my joke book to see if there's a good joke I can end this with.

Here's one:

Patient: Doc, what would you recommend for an insomniac like me?
Doctor: A good night's sleep.

Maybe I will nap if that's the joke that catches my eye. sleepy


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