Sunday, April 13, 2008

Considering a job change, The Little Prince movie, Firefly, xxxHolic, etc.

I am about fed up with my job. I have worked almost every day this week straight through, without any breaks, fighting hunger, thirst, tiredness, and the urge to um, relieve myself, and I have still had to stay late every single day I've worked, except today where while I had to stay later than I was scheduled, I was asked to do so by Tori, and it was not the result of not finishing my work on schedule. The only days this week that I have worked and taken a break were Monday and today. I almost could have taken a break yesterday, but when I got to the point where I considered taking a break, I was by myself and was going to be alone until 5:00 when I got off. Therefore, I couldn't leave.

I am uncertain as to the reason for this. I have three guesses, all of which place the blame on a different person (or persons). One reason could be that I am not going fast enough with my work -- and I am capable of speeding myself up if needed -- and in that case the blame would fall on me. Another possible reason is that there are a lot of customers I end up having to help, delaying the completion of my work -- in which case one could say it was the customers' fault, or (to be more fair) the fault of an outside force. And a third reason could be that Tori is simply giving me too much work for a 5-hour shift -- in which case it's her fault.

The third one was debunked by Jennifer (our assistant store manager) today when I went to the office for an obligatory talk given to all of us bakery people about how we can run our department better. She said Tori wasn't giving us more work than we can complete. Although this may just be Jennifer's view of it. The others are valid. Sometimes I do have a lot of customers. And I can't help it if I'm alone and have to help them. On the other hand, I agree that sometimes I am kind of slow in my work. This is usually either cause of fatigue or because of being too thorough or distracted. For instance, it took me almost all of 5 1/2 hours to package, price, and tape two racks of La Brea bread, bag 8 boules of sourdough bread, and some strudel bites. Not too good.

Oh well. I suppose I could find another job, especially since I am thinking I would like to be part-time when I start at Cal State since there are a lot of classes to take -- 21 units just for core major stuff -- and I'd like to get my degree done as soon as possible. My dad said maybe I can get a job at Outreach (the place Andrew used to work at).

I rented a movie version of the book The Little Prince, which I bought and really liked when I read it, from iTunes. I watched it the other day. This version was a musical. I was really saddened by the end where the prince dies -- I didn't remember that from the book.

I also finally watched the first episode of the sci-fi show Firefly, which I had downloaded a while ago. It was pretty good. Long for a TV ep (1 1/2 hours) but good. I may watch more, but not for a bit. I was mad at the Captain for telling Simon Kaylee was dead when she wasn't. But overall I didn't get too emotionally into it.

I finally decided to start reading xxxHolic, a manga series which crosses over with Tsubasa: ReserVOIR Chronicle. I got volume 1 and read it. It was pretty good. Slightly scary too, but in the way that ghosts, etc., are scary.

Well not much else to say. It's late, and I got to get up early tomorrow for work. Spasiba e dasvidanya (Thank you and goodbye), as Ann from One Minute Russian would say.

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