Saturday, January 15, 2005

back on the net...

My internet is finally back to normal! I couldn't get past my home page for days. It was sooo annoying.

I've been sick lately...I called in sick to work yesterday but I felt a little better this morning so I went to work. That was a mistake. I was just not at my best. I need to rest more. At least I get tomorrow off.

Kristine (my coworker and friend) threw a wrench in my plans to go get my math book on Monday. Monday's a holiday (Martin Luther King Day, one of those holidays that are just an excuse for huge sales and a day off from school), so I won't be able to deposit my check because the bank will probably be closed!

Meanwhile, I've been playing quite a bit of FFTA. I dismissed some of my clan members who were not so useful, and I lost a couple clan members when I fought at a jagd, where people can die in engagements because they're lawless zones. I played a little Harry Potter this morning because I thought I knew how to beat the 2nd bean challenge when I woke up, but then afterwards I put the GBA in my bag without changing the game cartridge.

Well good night...

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