Sunday, January 02, 2005

Holiday sickness...

Well I didn't have such a great holiday. I got the stomach flu. I'm not sure how I got it, although my friend Kristine was having the same problem so maybe I got it from her. I think it's going away now so it's probably just what they call "the 24-hour flu." I slept all day yesterday (after calling in sick at work...I've never done that in the entire time I've worked at my current job because I'm hardly ever seriously ill...I have allergies so I get the sneezes and sniffles thing all the time, but rarely anything bad enough to keep me home), only waking up once or twice to go to the bathroom or get water, and just woke up for real a little while ago. Then I took some ibuprofen because I had a killer headache and then lay in bed and fought and lost a couple missions on FFTA and then won a clan fight against Clan Dip. I think I will avoid Elutt Sands for a while and power up my other fighters besides Marche and Roland. They are the only people at level 6, the level the walkthrough I found recommends for most of your people to be for the Desert Peril mission. Everyone else is at level 3 or 4, except Brish (my White Mage) who is at level 2, probably because I basically only use him to heal people, and he tends to get killed really early on by some enemy fighter or by accident when I use Montblanc's Black Magic against an enemy and he's in the line of fire. Mareen can do at least 10 damage at times now though, which is an improvement.

So, I guess my FFTA tip of the day is:

-Save the mission Desert Peril for when most of your people are at level 6 or above.

Clan Dip seemed pretty easy to beat. They have a thief, a White Mage, and a couple archers. I have two soldiers, two archers, two Black Mages, two White Mages, and a monk in my party, and I used my monk, both of my soldiers, and one each of my archers and my mages in the fight. So I had a number advantage (6 against 4) which probably helped.

Well I'm gonna go now. Bye.

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