Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Rain, rain, go away...

...come back some other day!

There's been so much rain in the past 2 days. I hadn't bought my January bus pass yet before yesterday (cause I didn't have enough money) so in order to get my check and go get it, I had to walk from home to work, for about 2 hours, in the pouring rain...then I got my check, walked in the cold morning with the rain temporarily stopped to the other end of the street to my bank and deposited it, then walked up the street and caught the bus to my school, bought a new bus pass, and then went to work. What a day!

Today was better. I played lots of FFTA (that's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for those of you who are new readers of this blog) today. So here's some FFTA tips of the day:

-When selecting people for dispatch missions, pay attention to the little icon of the clan member. If they're bending down (like they do when low on HP in battle) they think they won't do well on the mission, so don't send them. If, instead, they jump up and down, they think they have a good chance of success, so they're a good choice to send. Those who are just walking are somewhere in-between. They're good to send out if there's no one jumping up and down.
-Make use of even your White Mages and other such people to do some damage, even though they can only do like 2 damage. Every little bit helps.
-Consider your enemy when using Black Magic. For monsters in icy areas like the Lutia Pass, for example, Fire is good; whereas you can use Blizzard for the fire bombs in Fire! Fire!
-Regarding the mission Prof in Trouble: You do not have to go to great lengths to protect Professor Auggie (although don't accidentially kill him yourself---I did that the first time by accident). He seems to be perfectably able to take care of himself even though the zombies gang up on him, since he seems to have an unlimited number of potions.
-Should you save this mission till later, one of the dispatch missions you can send someone on will bring you Holy Water, which can heal zombies. This might help.

My party is going well. I have a lot more people now. Most of them are at level 4, except for Annie, Major, and one other person who are at level 3. Everybody else is over level 4: Mareen is at level 5, Brish at level 6, Montblanc and Roland at level 8, and Marche at level 9. Nice.


Meg said...

JUst wanted to let you know that some of the old FA Crowd has wound up at a new board, created by Dotcom. It is at

Misty said...

Thanks for the head's up. I'll check it out.