Thursday, July 21, 2005

The secret of Botta

I was reading through my old posts and saw one where I was trying to guess what Botta is, if he isn't a Desian. Well now I know, so I'm going to tell you. Don't read what's below if you're playing the game and haven't got to the Tower of Salvation in Sylvarant yet. If you have, or you haven't and you don't care about spoilers, read on.


After breaking the seal at the Tower of Mana, your final stop is the Tower of Salvation. You can get there by talking to the dragon guy in Hima after you heal Pietro, assuming you talked to him before when previously visiting Hima. Talk to all the characters in your party , who are scattered about the city, after Raine recommends rest. At one point, the green-haired guy who appeared at Sylvarant Base will appear and try to attack Colette. Kratos will intervene, and the guy will retreat. He drops the Assassin's Ring, which Lloyd automatically picks up. Kratos then departs for some unexplained reason. Make sure to talk to Colette too, on the mountain top. (The Sword Dancer will disappear from Ossa Trail after that talk, so wrap that up before this). Then rest at the inn. The next day, join the others in boarding the dragons, and pick someone to ride with you. It doesn't matter who...I picked Genis. After a cutscene, you will land in front of the Tower of Salvation. Enter, and a discussion will begin about the bodies floating below the bridge. Just then the group spots Colette sitting and praying, with Remiel floating above her. Remiel explains that this final seal will make Colette lose her heart and memory. A very passionate scene, where the others try to persuade Colette not to go through with this awful thing, and Remiel reveals that Colette was being primed all this time to become a vessel for Martel to dwell in (as well as other truths about the mysterious "Cruxis" and his own plans) follows. Remiel then challenges you to a fight. He must be defeated for you to continue on. Then Kratos appears. He mocks Remiel and then reveals that he is one of the Four Seraphim, the highest angels in Cruxis, and that he came down to Earth to make sure Colette didn't waver in her journey. He too challenges you to a fight, but after Remiel, you may not have much HP left. If you have Orange Gels, use them to power up Raine to heal everyone, or use Apple or Melange Gels to do the same. If you don't defeat him, the game goes on anyway. Then his boss, Yggdrasill, shows up, dispenses more truths about Cruxis's plans, and challenges you to a fight. He can't be beaten here except with replay game bonuses, according to my player's guide, but you can try if you like. You may not have much HP for this either after Kratos anyway. If you lose, the game still continues. Yggdrasill then tries to kill you and take Colette away, but Botta and company save you and Colette. As Lloyd, you wake up in Sylvarant Base, the base near Triet. Raine and the others reveal what happened to an uninformed Lloyd, and then the group is ushered into a room to talk with Botta and the green-haired guy, Yuan. They tell you that they are the Renegades, a sort of resistance movement that opposes Cruxis. That was why they were after the Chosen's party. They pretended to be Desians since that is the only "evil" people the group knew of at the time. (You kind of wonder how Botta got an Exsphere then -- the one on the end of his sword which Raine takes as her own after escaping the base initially--but there are so many mysteries in this game that it's best left unpondered). They still try to go after the party, since if the now-soulless Colette completes her mission, Cruxis wins. The group wonders what to do. They decide to go to Tethe'alla, Sheena's world, which she says the Renegades have visited, meaning that there's a way to get from one world to the other. Sheena also says that the Renegades usually traveled between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla on flying jets called Rheiards, which most likely are somewhere in the base. After a confusing puzzle involving moving blocks, you get to the hangar, find the Rheiards, and hop on them to soar off to Tethe'alla. The cut scene is great.


That's the secret of Botta.

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