Sunday, July 31, 2005

August approaches

It's almost August. In a few weeks, on the 22nd, school starts again. I start class on the 23rd, since my on-site classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It's been a pretty boring day today. I have tried three times since yesterday to snag Entei in Pokémon Colosseum. The first time it KO'd itself with the recoil from Shadow Rush, the second time it got nearly knocked out by Earthquake but then KO'd itself, and the most recent time it got knocked out by its ally's Earthquake move. Even though I used Ultra Balls, which are the strongest Poké Balls you can have at this point, I still couldn't snag it.

I took a break after the second time and took care of some other stuff. I bought more Poké Balls. I went to Phenac City and beat Justy at the Pre-Gym. Then I went to Agate Village and dropped Plusule off at the Day Care again and rearranged my party to get rid of the Shadow Pokémon. Then I returned to Phenac and battled in the Colosseum, where a challenge was now open.

Everything is so expensive in this game. I run close to being broke quite often. It's frustrating.

I have the opposite situation in Tales of Symphonia. This is because of Zelos. Zelos can be the most aggravating person alive, but he also comes in quite useful. Equip him with a EX Gem Level 2 and the skill "Personal," then start talking to girls when you enter cities, towns, or other places that are more or less populated. Though you can also get items this way, more often the girls will give Zelos money, and quite a lot of it at that. I have over 100,000 Gald now. It's as good as a Game Shark duplication trick, but it's legit. Pretty neat, huh?

As school is approaching, I did a little back-to-school shopping today. I was looking for those big binders that are cloth and have pen holders and stuff, but I couldn't find any good ones at Albertsons or Savon, the two stores that would have school supplies that are closest to my house. I did find a pleasant surprise, though...I found Totally Spies folders!! I had never seen these before and I was surprised. I bought two of them, one for each of my non-on-site classes, since I don't really need full folder sections for them.

Since I couldn't find a binder like what I wanted, I'm going to check at Target, which always has tons of back-to-school stuff. I would like a binder and maybe some of those stretchy book covers.

That's all. More later.

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