Friday, September 30, 2005

It just wasn't your day

As Lloyd of Tales of Symphonia occasionally says after battle, "It just wasn't your day."

I am very happy because I finally beat the Niflheim stage in Tales of Symphonia. I had tried to before but never had enough time to play it all the way through, playing it before school or work. But as I don't have to go to work till 4 today I thought I'd try playing it through. Granted, it took about 3 hours, which is really long for beating a RPG dungeon. I'm glad I started playing early (around 8:30 am) because now I actually have time to do other stuff. I have now maxed out the game to more than 100 hours of gameplay. I kid you not. Last time I saved, after beating Niflheim and then doing the Regal and Presea Level-80-or-learn-all-Techs sidequests (which don't take too long, thanks to the Rheiards), I was at 100:48. That's 100 hours and 48 minutes, people! I was surprised just to max the game over 80 hours, and then over 90 hours. I mean, that is pretty scary. But that is what happens in this game when you max out the sidequests, doing as many as you can (I think I only missed 3 or 4 completely; one was the Maid Costume sidequest for Colette, and I couldn't find the maids, one was the Uncle Game, which I can't seem to beat, and ditto for Red Light/Green Light. I also seemed to have missed the Chosen group imposters and the final dog in the rebuilt Luin. I can't find them anywhere).

Anyway, I am happy I finally beat that level cause I was tired of it. I played with Lloyd, Raine, Sheena, and Genis for a huge chunk of it because that is what the player's guide recommends as a good party for the final battle, which I am about to fight. Well, they recommend Sheena and Genis specifically; Raine is a given, of course, since you need a good healer. And Lloyd or Presea could fill the other spot, but I feel better using Lloyd.

Ok I'm going to go now. Bye.

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