Saturday, September 17, 2005

Looking forward to Code Lyoko, my DVD came!!!

The new season of Code LYOKO starts next Monday!! Oh wait I was going to go work on computer stuff. Oh well. As long as I see one of the new episodes this week. I got to see previews of the team's new vehicles in my secret album at Very cool.

In other news, my DVD set of Generator Gawl: Perfect Collection came today, which I am very happy about cause it has the whole show, actually has some special features (including the ORIGINAL TRAILER, which is really neat!), and has bilingual language tracks (English and Japanese), which is very useful for the anime fan who wants to compare the versions (the episodes would be identical, cause stuff on DVD isn't cut usually, though I did rent a DVD of the American Sailor Moon once and it was dubbed and cut. The guy who did Ryo's voice in Japanese also played Harry McDougall in Outlaw Star, so I'm curious to see if they sound the same. Not to mention that I have never seen the last three episodes of the show, something I am very anxious to do. Having the DVD set though will help immensely with my Generator Gawl website, Generator Power (there's a link in my links section), which hasn't been updated in about a year. I'm going to add back the humor I had on there, like the Top 10 lists. I still have the files for those, and I wrote some new ones. The old ones I wrote way back during my first semester in college (Fall '03) during my Cultural Geography class (since I have a knack for multitasking...well, I did it during a time when my professor, Dr. Stern, was just lecturing and there were no notes to write down). I'd share them here, but that's kinda pointless as I'm going to put them on the site anyways, and plus you kind of have to have seen the show for them to truly be funny.

I will probably, in the grand tradition of fan websites, create a "You Know You Like (or Have Watched/Seen/Read, etc) Too Much (fill in blank) When..." list. The first ones I saw were YKYWTMPW (You Know You Watch Too Much Pokémon When) ones. The short "You Know You're Too Much Like Hermione" (YKYTMLHW) list at Hermione Granger's Chamber (, is pretty cute, especially if you're a Harry Potter fan and actually get what it hints at. I will have to begin it based on my experience watching the show, and maybe give people the opportunity to add to it, although most people don't take up on that kind of opportunity anyways.

Well, that's it. Later!

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