Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina and Code Lyoko

Well Hurricane Katrina continues. I'm not in the mood to hash out my annoyance at the overbearing media attention this is getting. Sure, I'm concerned, but I'm getting sick of that being the only thing on the news.

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(Yumi from Code LYOKO with a word bubble in this smilie from some site. Translation: "We want season 2!")

In happier news, the new season of Code LYOKO, which has been too long in coming, forcing CL fans to wait several months not seeing the show and then go through reruns of season 1, is finally going to start. Mark your calendars, everybody! September 19, 6pm, Cartoon Network. That's when the long-awaited Season 2 of Code LYOKO is going to start. I'm sooo happy. I am looking forward to the new adventures of Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, Jeremy, and Aelita. I hear that Aelita will have a materialized form finally sometime this season, for a longer period of time than she did at the end of season 1, and that we will find out a lot of backstory about Lyoko, how the kids met Aelita, etc. I heard there was supposed to be a movie too that was to cover a lot of the backstory, but I have yet to see that come about. We'll see. This is just based on rumors I heard going around the Code LYOKO official forum the last time I was there, which was a while ago.

It would be cool if the show inspires a video game. I'm not sure if any Cartoon Network shows have become video games by themselves. Actually, a Code LYOKO game would lend itself really well to the Nintendo DS, since Jeremy's computer monitoring could be on one screen and the action could be on the other, kind of like the setup for the upcoming Kim Possible DS game. Although if it came out on the GBA or the Game Cube (the systems I actually have) that would be nice too. Speaking of which, I might check out that Zatch Bell game that is coming out for Game Cube. Though I don't remember much about the series when I first saw a few episodes of it in anime club at Mira Costa (in its Japanese incarnation, Konjiki no Gash Bell), the game looks good.

Speaking of video games, I am still not finished with Tales of Symphonia. Maybe if I get all my homework done early this weekend, I can devote time to it. But with 2 chapters' worth of chemistry problems, CIS work to catch up on, a couple writing assignments for Human Development, and some other stuff like that, it'll be tough.


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