Sunday, February 24, 2008

5th death in the family

I'm just writing this really quick cause I'm going to go to bed soon.

My Uncle Bobbo wasn't doing well health-wise, which is why he and Aunt Jane didn't come for Christmas. In the last few days, his condition has gotten worse. He had gone in for some surgery, something went wrong somewhere, he had a stroke. I don't quite know the details.

But the point is, he's dead. He died tonight. Mum told me just a little while ago.

Why?! Why, God? Why is this happening to me and to my family? This is 5 deaths in less than 10 years, and our second death in less than a year (after Grandad, who died last August).

Why does God allow death and tragedy? To shake us up because in some cruel, sadistic way he feels the need to?

I got cranky today at work because of some stupid misunderstanding about lunch scheduling, and then tonight this comes, like a slap in the face. What point is there in me worrying about stupid things and getting upset because of them when at the same time, hundreds of miles away, in Las Vegas, a 50-something man was fighting for his life?

Now neither of my parents have parents, I and Andrew don't have grandparents, my dad doesn't have a brother-in-law, and my aunt's a widow. Who's next? Aunt Jane's not that young either. She's 10 1/2 years older than Papa.

I don't know how I'm gonna work tomorrow. I could barely concentrate tonight while trying to pick out songs for my next Dark Mercury Arc Fandub Project installment (which I did to allow my PGSM torrents to seed for a few hours).

Oh well I'm gonna start getting ready for bed. Good night.

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