Saturday, February 09, 2008

My daemon

On one of the MuggleCast eps I was listening to today, they were talking about The Golden Compass. One of the co-hosts said:

"Did you guys go on The Golden Compass website to find your Daemon?"

Apparently only Matt Britton (the co-host who said this) actually did this. ("Am I the only dork who did it?" he says).

But anyway I was determined to try this out when I got home from work. Basically, you go to and click on the "Daemons" button. Then click on the button "Meet Your Daemon." This will take you to a twenty-question quiz, to which the quiz writer encourages you to answer very truthfully. At the end, your daemon will be revealed, and once you give them your e-mail, you can download stuff to share your daemon on Myspace and stuff. Anyway, here's mine:

My daemon's name is Arkadion, an ocelot (a type of wild cat). My daemon shows that I'm "modest, solitary, shy, humble, and flexible." And Arkadion is male of course. (Your daemon is always of the opposite gender - don't ask me why).

The interesting thing about this is that (1) Lord Asriel's daemon is also a big wild cat (a snow leopard) so I guess I am kind of like him. Also, (2) people with cat daemons tend to be more independent (as opposed to those with dog daemons, who tend to be more subservient - which is why servants in Lyra's world often have dog daemons), which is kinda cool.

My "daemon profile" is at:

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