Sunday, February 10, 2008

No "Veer-Zaara," new website plans

I borrowed a Bollywood movie from my coworker Heather called Veer-Zaara. It stars Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta, and also features Rani Mukerji. Unfortunately, my computer won't play it. Wah. At least Disc 1 won't; the second disc (the one with the special features) plays fine. But just watching the 2nd disc would be pointless. Even after buying a thing to clean the laser of my CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive on my laptop, disc 1 still wouldn't play.

Eh well I'll just give her back that one. I just checked the other DVD she lent me (Gandhi, starring Mr. Awesome himself, Sir Ben Kingsley) and it plays fine, so it's not my drive.

I have made plans to do a new website. Well actually a few new websites. I got a free account on and for it I created three subdomains.

Subdomain #1 will be at the URL and will be a personal site called Land of Walden. I decided to name it something relating to my Walden stories mainly cause my last two personal sites (Silvanmare and my current one, The Walden Chronicler's Tower) have had Walden-related names. It will cover me, my writing, and my interests (except for a couple major interest groups, which will have separate subdomains devoted to them). Comics will be partially covered here - non-manga comics I like will be covered here, and manga on my anime & manga site (subdomain #3).

Subdomain #2 will be at the URL and will be a site called Legend Became Myth, about the fantasy series I like and my interest in mythology. The title comes from a quote by Galadriel in the prologue of the Fellowship of the Ring movie.

The third and final subdomain will be at the URL and be an anime & manga site called Release Your Inner Otaku. (I know, goofy name, but I couldn't think of anything else). Plus as an acronym - RYIO - it sort of spells out the name of my favorite Generator Gawl character, Ryo.

Speaking of Generator Gawl, as soon as I can get RYIO up and running, I will dispose of Generator Power!. My reasoning for this is that (1) Generator Gawl is an anime, after all, and so is qualified to get covered on an anime site, (2) There's not enough info out there on Generator Gawl for me to do much more with the site, and (3) Generator Power! just plain doesn't get enough traffic to justify keeping it up. Most of the hits I did get were me checking the site for errors or to see how many hits I had. The last update I have on the site's updates page that references hits says I have over 2,500 hits -- but this entry is for June 21, 2006, and I can't get my counter to show up so I have no idea of the current number, but it can't have changed much. For a site to get so little traffic after nearly 5 years (it started in September 2003) is more than enough reason to take it down.

In other news, I have had light hours at work, allowing me to get a bit more done. Like tonight I need to clean my room. Mainly the mess is in the area between my desk and the door, which is the area I use the most. I guess I could do that after I post this, since I'm not going to watch Gandhi tonight cause it's really late and the movie's 3 hours long, and I can't watch Veer-Zaara. Besides, I need to get my CD's off the floor mainly so I don't step on them.

Besides planning for new websites, I spent most of this afternoon downloading eps of W.I.T.C.H. for my long-planned Elyon video (I'm downloading the last one right now) and browsing through groups on Facebook. I've joined 6 more groups in the last few days. Which is a lot. On the 8th (Friday) I joined fan clubs for Code Lyoko and Totally Spies respectively. Today I joined 4 groups: Do as Infinity Fans, Live Action Sailor Moon, Crystal Tokyo, and Generator Gawl's Anti-Kubre. (It's "Kubere" actually; the group's creator misspelled it). I must have had anime on the brain cause three of those groups are more or less anime-related, while the fourth is related to a j-pop band I really like.

Ok I'm tired. I'm going to go get a trash bag to pick up my trash, get any laundry together (including my apron and work gloves) and get this area clean. I may get some more soda too cause I want to be awake enough to finish.

Oh in other news, I found a way to actually purchase the Sailor V manga in a language other than Japanese! Sadly, this series - which Naoko Takeuchi did before Sailor Moon and which features Minako Aino, who in SM becomes Sailor Venus - isn't available in English (like the SM manga is) but it is available in French, and since I can more or less read French, I should be ok. Anyway, I was able to buy it via a link from Crystal Tokyo, the Sailor Moon group I joined on Facebook. This link led to a site which led to Amazon Canada, which sold the 3-volume manga in French-language graphic novels. The order was $38.85 Canadian before shipping, after about $14 Canadian in shipping (!) it was $ 52.81 Canadian. Ouch. And this is with just Standard International Shipping. I tried to get free shipping, but I couldn't cause my order was automatically "international" cause I live in the U.S. , and international orders don't qualify for free shipping. On the other hand, it's supposed to ship tomorrow. Whether that means they will get here tomorrow or not I don't know. I know my B & order is scheduled to arrive soon too.

Anyway, in the spirit of PotterWatch (and now PotterCast):

Keep twiddling those dials. The next password will be "Walden." Keep each other safe. Keep faith. Good night!

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