Friday, February 15, 2008

Bored, bored, so bored; Un-Valentine's Day party, new shows of interest, Tech Links is gone (and so are my eps...AND MY FANFIC...grr), etc.

I am very restless and bored right now. Practically all of the last week I have spent my time after work sitting in front of the computer. I spent some of it productively creating a Elyon video I've meant to do for awhile. But most of it was just bored web surfing and stuff.

Tonight, I had plans to do my FAFSA, but upon looking at my "FAFSA Worksheet" (a worksheet you can print out and fill out ahead of time with the info you need for the FAFSA), Mum figured out that it would best to do my taxes before my FAFSA. So we're going to work on that this weekend, and I'll be able to do my FAFSA hopefully by Monday.

Speaking of next week, I need to find some time to go down to the post office, where some package awaits me that they for some reason couldn't deliver to my house, cause they need my signature. My guess is that it's my Sailor V tankoubons from Amazon Canada. My only issue is I don't know which post office to go to. I'll have to ask Mum.

Last night was the "Un-Valentine's Day Party" the aspie group put on. I was looking forward to it all week. We ate candy - M & M's and trail mix - and popcorn and watched The Astronaut Farmer (definitely not a romantic movie, which was the point). We ended up with that movie by process of elimination, after we couldn't decide what movie to watch and ended up sitting around talking about TV and then Mythbusters and then religion. This one guy named Zane was doing most of the talking; he's kind of obnoxious and has no clue how loud he is. He particularly shocked most of us with a story about a couple of his friends prank-calling McDonald's and using a really awful racial slur in regards to a Mexican guy. Somehow he found some humor in that, though he claimed that he felt bad for allowing his friends to do it.

This one guy Lowell from the group mentioned an interesting thing: Ashkenazi Jews (Jews from Eastern Europe, as opposed to Sephardic Jews, who settled in the Iberian Peninsula) have a particularly high incidence of Asperger's. Papa found this interesting too when I told him. You see, I am of Ashkenazi Jewish descent on my dad's side (my great-grandfather came from a Polish Jew family). So while I am not a Jew religiously, I am one ethnically, sort of (I'm really only 1/8 Jewish, since my great-grandmother was from Latvia).

When looking for TV show eps for my iPod, I decided to try out a couple new shows. One is a Nickelodeon show called iCarly. It's about a girl named Carly (duh) who starts her own web show with her friends Sam and Freddie. The other show is the TBS show 10 Items or Less. I figured I would find that show funny because it's about people who work at a grocery store, and I currently work at a grocery store. Granted, the show is about a guy who inherits his family's little grocery store in Ohio, and I work for a grocery store chain that has over 100 stores all over Southern California. But still.

Anyway both of them were pretty funny. In iCarly, I noticed they used terms for programs and such like "PhotoDock" and "SplashFace." "PhotoDock" is an obvious play on PhotoShop, and SplashFace looks similar to YouTube, except that it has message boards whereas YouTube does not. In 10 Items or Less, Leslie's "Book for Success" binder he hands out is full of motivational sort of stuff that reminds me of the training videos they make us watch for my work (particularly one called "The Extra Degree" or something like that that was all that kind of stuff).

I just went to Tech Links to see if I could somehow copy and paste a fanfic I posted on there, assuming it was still there (their server crashed recently, so I didn't know if it would be up still), so I could put it on Land of Walden. But they're closed!! Since CL ended, they closed down the forum. This is bad, since I assumed the fic would be there and thus threw away my handwritten copy while cleaning. I am really bummed cause it was a really good fic. Not to mention I had another good fic on there which I have no backup of, handwritten or otherwise.

Oh well. That's not too bad, I guess. It'll just go the way of my lost Tenchi Muyo fanfics.

The bad part too now is that my only source of getting English Code Lyoko episodes is gone. And I promised Hannah/Jewels I'd send her some episodes she wanted for videos. But now I can't, cause I have rebooted my computer since then, and I didn't save the CL eps cause I figured I could re-download them. I know where I can get them in French, though that doesn't help too much.

I'll have to break the news to Hannah.


Ok I did that.

I was just thinking about how pretty much anytime I do any song-dubbing and post the video on YouTube, I get nasty comments about my singing. Granted, some people will say stuff like, "it was good, but you weren't on key," and I'll be like, "Ok, thanks" cause that's constructive criticism. But comments like the one I got yesterday on my "If the U.S. Dubbers Dubbed PGSM Part 1" are just flat-out mean.

Here's where the comment came from. Someone had posted a comment saying:

I'd like to see DiC dub PGSM. It'd be funny.

To which I responded:

Yeah, it would. And probably a disaster.

Yesterday somebody responded to my comment by saying:

Like your singing?

That stung. It really did. Now, I know that sounds silly to put it that way. But it's true! Granted, I am not a super good singer. I admit this. There are people who are WAY better singers than me, like my friend Maryanne for instance. I have had people in the past tell me I had a nice voice, but I always brushed it off modestly. I recall one instance where somebody told me my voice was nice but I needed training. Which is true.

But I tried. And plus I had already communicated in other comments that I did it intending for it to sound cheesy and over-the-top. See the video in question to see what I mean.

I mentioned this to Heather today and she agreed that the comment was mean. She said that people should be admired for working up the courage to do stuff like what I did. That made me feel somewhat better.

Oh and btw after seeing the comment I used the power I have over comments on my own videos that I don't like: I deleted it. I know, immature move perhaps. But it's good that that feature is there, in case people get obscene or whatever. Or just really really mean. And trust me they can indeed get that way.

I guess not everyone will like you. I know I got some really bad comments to one of my Veoh videos too (comments worse than the ones about how people dislike my "Imago Dei" intro -- comments I never got on YouTube, where making up your own studio for your videos and making an intro for it is totally acceptable and very commonplace). Fortunately Hannah (who's also on Veoh) stepped in and started defending me.

It's now close to 10 and I'm pretty tired, so I'm going to go take a shower.

Oh one more thing. I got a bargain book at Barnes and Noble about drawing manga, even though I have a similar book already that I bought right after my first printmaking class. This book though is much more detailed -- it teaches you a lot more stuff. And it was half the price of the other book.

With that book I bought the final volume of the Tokyo Mew Mew manga, so that completes the set of that manga for me. I also bought volume 6 of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days recently, which completes that set.

So far of the series I've been getting volumes of recently, I have completed: Tokyo Mew Mew, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days and Peach Girl: Sae's Story. I have more than half of Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow now, having found volume 4 randomly at Borders Express.

I still need volumes for Pichi Pichi Pitch Mermaid Melody, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and The Good Witch of the West. With both Pichi Pichi Pitch and The Good Witch of the West, I have the same problem: I need volume 3 for both. With The Good Witch of the West, which is a 4-volume series, I really need it. I have seen volume 4 a few times at Borders Express, but not #3. For Pichi Pichi Pitch, I keep seeing every volume except the one I need, which is frustrating.

Tsubasa hasn't been hard to find; pretty much any bookstore that sells manga has it in stock fairly frequently. I have up to volume 8 now. Apparently, there's at least 22 available right now. Which means some of them will definitely get stored in the cabinet under my bed where my extra manga now resides so as to keep my double-stacked manga shelf on my bookcase neat.

I am not used to collecting such long series. Before Tsubasa, the longest series I had was the 8-volume Chobits series, which I painstakingly collected a volume at a time (except for I think 6 and 7, which I bought together), continually checking the two bookstores I frequent to see if it was in.

The other "long" series I'm collecting is The Prince of Tennis manga, which also has at least 20 graphic novels. Due to it being a sport manga with not a lot of dialogue, I tend to go through the volumes pretty quickly.

There are also a few series I'm stalemated on, where I can't find more volumes in stores no matter how hard I try. The first Cardcaptor Sakura series for one. Also a few series where I only have one volume, like Wedding Peach and Angelic Layer. I need to plan a trip to the Borders in the Forum to look for more manga, since they have tons (I found Angelic Layer there). Actually some time in the last two weeks, when I had shorter shifts, would've been good, cause I'm back to long shifts next week, probably cause Alex is on vacation next week.

Ok I really am tired now, dangit. I'm going, for sure this time.

Good night. And as they say on the Pokemon podcast WTPT, "Stay out of the tall grass."

(If you're a Pokemon fan, you'll get that, but if you aren't, you probably won't).

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