Monday, February 25, 2008


"It's GENKI-UP!" as Usagi's mom from PGSM would say.

I am feeling better since last night. I actually made it through work today and stopped by Borders after work to pick up some manga I can't find elsewhere. I got Card Captor Sakura volume 4, Card Captor Sakura: Master of the Clow volumes 5 and 6 (which completes the Master of the Clow series in my collection), The Prince of Tennis volume 8, and No Need for Tenchi! volume 2. Oh and I got a cool bookmark made of wood that says "Wisdom begins in wonder. Socrates" on it and has a character for "wisdom" on it (I think it's a Chinese character). I wasn't going to get both volumes 5 and 6 of Master of the Clow, but since that series as a whole is a lot harder to find anywhere than the original Card Captor Sakura (which I've seen occasionally recently) I decided to go ahead and complete the series.

That's what I need to do for several of the manga series I have, get more volumes. I tried to make a list during my downtime while sampling (writing on pickup tissue, which is sort of like wax paper) but couldn't remember all the series I had. I have a complete list of the ones I have, though, which I made for my anime/manga website. So, here's my list of what series I have and how many volumes I have of each and, if applicable, what ones I need to complete the series (if it's a long series that I need a lot of volumes to complete, I just put the first number I need and then a plus sign):



~ Chobits: complete
~ Magic Knight Rayearth: complete
~ Magic Knight Rayearth II: complete
~ Card Captor Sakura: have: volumes 1-4; need: volumes 5 & 6
~ Card Captor Sakura: Master of the Clow: complete
CLAMP School Detectives: complete
~ CLAMP School Defenders Duklyon: complete
~ Man of Many Faces: complete
~ Angelic Layer: have: volume 1; need: volumes 2-5
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: have: volumes 1-8; need: volumes 9+ (of, currently, 23!)


~ The Prince of Tennis: have: volumes 1-8; need: volumes 9+ (of 40!)
~ R.O.D.: Read or Die: complete
~ R.O.D.: Read or Dream: complete
~ The Good Witch of the West: have: volumes 1 & 2; need: volumes 3 & 4
~ Tokyo Mew Mew: complete
~ Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode: complete
~ Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days: complete
~ Peach Girl: Sae's Story: complete
~ No Need for Tenchi!: have: volumes 1 & 2; need: volumes 3-10
~ Wedding Peach: have: volume 1; need: volumes 2-6
~ Pichi Pichi Pitch Mermaid Melody: have: volumes 1 & 2; need: volumes 3-7
~ Flame of Recca: have: volume 1; need: volumes 2+ (of 33!)
~ Pokémon: have: volumes 1-3 (Toshihiro Ono manga), volume 1 (Pokémon Adventures); need: volume 4 (Toshihiro Ono manga), volumes 2+ (Pokémon Adventures)


Apparently, as far as the Pokémon manga goes, while all the Toshihiro Ono manga was released in the U.S. (though I'd probably have to go on like Ebay to get the 4th and final volume at this point, it's so old), Viz stopped publishing Pokémon Adventures at volume 7 of 28, due to poor sales, and they're re-releasing it as these "Best of Pokémon Adventures" volumes I've been seeing, which come in 2 volumes, a Red version and a Yellow version.

The good news for Pokémon manga fans is that the other volumes of Pokémon Adventures through volume 26 are available in English through another source. Singapore publisher Chuang Yi has published this series in English through volume 26, and you can buy them online on their half-Chinese half-English site. Here's the URL:

Ok so anyway, on to the reason I was even blogging right now (and no, it wasn't about the manga). I found a cool video from ABC News through a link on my homepage. It's a news report showing that the New York Philharmonic were going to perform in North Korea, a rather unusual feat in a very isolated country whose internet restrictions are worse than China's (at least in China you can use the internet, though it's monitored; in North Korea it's illegal to use the internet at all, although this is beginning to change, they say in the report).

Here's the link:

Enjoy. I'm tired and I have school tomorrow. Good night.

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