Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A brief note

Hi...a brief note before I go to class.

Nothing much to report. Lots of rain though. Read this article:

Now I wait for the week to go by and payday to come...

I am working on a new website. I do not know who I should host it with. I already have one site with Geocities. Sadly it is not registered with Yahoo search...I submitted it forever ago and they never contacted me. Maybe cause I need a META tag in my HTML? Don't know.

There are plenty of minor sites, like, that host sites, along with the major hosts like Geocities, Tripod, and Angelfire (I actually had a couple sites on Angelfire; my first Geocities site was a Sailor Mercury shrine called Liquid Mercury, for which my best friend made a cool logo on Photoshop, but which sadly I took down...3 sites at one time is hard to do...)

akkk...5 minutes till class. I gotta jet. As the Weekenders say, "Later days!"

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