Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I just need to relax...

Today was an ok day. I got my last Word assignment graded and then spent about an hour in the library, where I was actually able to read basically all the posts at the Code LYOKO forum I'm part of (ok, I did "mark all posts read" in a couple forums) and then do a bunch of other stuff. I had to start real early at work cause they changed Nena's schedule, but didn't tell her, so she wasn't there at 10:30 like she was supposed to be. Then I had to cover for her break. It made me irritated...I mean I already covered for her cause they didn't let her know she had to be there early. Grr.

It's also the first day of...uh...that time of the month. I always feel drained on that day, although ibuprofen helps, but of course I didn't have any with me, and there's no water here to drink it down with.

My fingers are a little sticky cause I was putting stain remover on a couple things...ick.

Well I'm gonna make dinner and visit Fiction Express while I watch TV. The results for the American Idol top 12 are being announced tonight and I hope my two faves get in.


Raida said...

Hi Dani! :o)
Sounds like exactly what I did...watched American Idol (btw - which 2 fave's did you mean?) and strolled through my emails and websites.
What a great way to kill 2 birds with 1 other way to find the time some days. Although I must admit, I miss sitting on the couch and just vegging for a bit. Maybe tonight...

Misty said...

My faves right now are Carrie Underwood and Constantine Maroulis.

I like to multitask...i.e., use the computer and watch TV at the same time. My brother gets really annoyed at this.