Saturday, February 05, 2005

The end of another week...

Another week of school is over...even though it's only the second week there's still been quite a bit of homework.

I am facing the challenge though. I have finished the first section of my Computer Fundamentals class, Intro to Computers, and have moved on to Microsoft Word. I finished the first assignment yesterday. It took a while because I had to follow steps in the book one by one and stuff.

I hope I pass this class. If I do, I can take CIS 105 (Intermediate Computer Fundamentals) and then move on to Advanced Word, Excel, and Access (there's no Advanced Powerpoint, strangely enough), the road to becoming Microsoft certified, which would be a plus. I might take advanced keyboarding and transcription too from the Business Office Tech, or BOT, program (what used to be known as the "Business, self-paced" section of classes).

I'm moving along in stats and physical science too. I went to the beach yesterday to do observations there for phys. sci homework. It was a good beach day too, not typical of February here at all really.

World music is good; I'm having trouble finding concerts to go to for my concert reports though. I figure I can bank on the Taiko concert during the Japanese Spring Festival at school, assuming that they do that again this year (and I can make it to the concert). Other than that, I don't know. I think blues counts, cause it's in our book. I'll check.

That's it. Bye! Here's a pic to leave you with, from the Sailor Moon mini-movie Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (Ami-chan's First Love):

Oh, btw, I finished the 5th Harry Potter book, and I'm looking forward to book 6...I already reserved a copy at the nearest Barnes and Noble.

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