Saturday, March 19, 2005

Olsen Twins, FFTA, and resignation

I read this morning in In Touch that the Olsen Twins didn't get a deal for this one movie because Mary-Kate said no. "Ashley wants to concentrate on movies and was ready to do this project, but Mary-Kate didn't want to do it, so the deal fell through...They won't be sharing the screen together any time soon," said an insider. I feel sorry for Ashley...she will probably have trouble finding roles cause the sisters have been acting together since they were 9 months old(more or less...they alternated playing Michelle on Full House). They are known better as a pair than as individuals. I personally think Mary-Kate needs time to focus on her life after her eating disorder problems, etc. I hope that either together or separate, they start to make more mature movies. I like their movies, but they are very formulaic. They go somewhere and they meet guys, then almost lose the guys, then get them again. They even did a reality TV spoof (The Challenge), kind of like that one episode of That's So Raven which featured Raven and Chelsea on a show called Termidate.

I have made changes to my Final Fantasy Tactics Advance party. I saw that I had too many black mages and some other people I didn't need. So, I dismissed some and changed the jobs of a few others. Here's the new list. They are listed by level ranking; the things following the names are, in this order: race, job, and current level.

-Montblanc: Moogle, Black Mage, level 19
-Marche: Human, Soldier, level 19
-Brish: Nu Mou, White Mage, level 18
-Mareen: Viera, Archer, level 17
-Roland: Human, Soldier, level 16
-Sis: Viera, Fencer, level 13
-Higgins: Human, Black Mage, level 12
-Nol: Human, Thief, level 11
-Rodrigo: Human, White Mage, level 11 (formerly Thief)
-Brean: Human, Archer, level 11
-Bernardo: Nu Mou, Beastmaster, level 11 (formerly Black Mage)
-Satir: Bangaa, Warrior, level 10
-Peet: Bangaa, White Monk, level 10
-Jalam: Moogle, Animist, level 6 (formerly Black Mage)

For a total of 14 clan members: two Nu Mous, two Bangaas, two Moogles, two Vieras, and six humans. I have 2 soldiers, 1 animist, 1 beastmaster, 1 White Monk, 1 Warrior, 1 Fencer, 2 Black Mages, 2 White Mages, 1 thief, and 2 archers. I figure this is a good balance. I had only one White Mage for a while (Brish) then decided I didn't need another Thief so I changed Rodrigo to a White Mage. Same with Bernardo and Jalam; Higgins and Montblanc are enough for Black Mages. Montblanc has mastered all basic Black Magic (Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard) as well as the powered-up Fira, and now I'm having him learn Blizzara, a power-up of Blizzard. Higgins has mastered basic magic too, and I'm teaching him Fira now.

Ok enough about that. I handed in my resignation boss tried to persuade me to stay, but I left a note for him saying I am certain that I want to quit. Hopefully there will be no problems. I am going to call tomorrow night to make sure I'm still on the schedule, which would mean they've chosen to honor my two weeks' notice request. We'll see.

Brrrrrrr.....I need to turn the heat on.

There's a commercial on right now saying Arnold Schwartzenneger (my state's governor) has broken his word about helping to finance the schools. Enough already about that. I'm already worried that tuition going up. My first semester the tuition went up from $11/unit to $18/unit, then either this semester or the last, it went up to $26/unit. I heard it might go up to $33/unit. That's RIDICULOUS!!!!!! I would pay about $400 just for basic tuition for a full load (12 units). I have to be full-time cause that way I stay on my dad's health insurance. Grrr....

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